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Cat Sales

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A Tale in The Desert has cute kitty cats for sale!

Cat House Lions.jpg Begging Pose.jpg

Crazy Cat Women and Men

The men and women that can help on questions or breeding your kitty are:


Breeding and Buying Your Cat

Cat Houses are located at the three faction chariot stops and three Acro Stadiums.
Any player is able to click the cat house and use Breed a Cat (Meows selections not shown below). More colors show on the Color List than on the picture below. A + symbol means increasingly more expensive.

Breed a Cat Menu Resized.jpg Size of Cat Menu.jpg Pattern of Cat Menu.jpg Color of Cat Menu.jpg

The price of the newly bred cat is given in Perk Points in your Main Chat and as a Fly Away and on the cat if you click it. If you have enough Perk Points then "Adopt this cat for...". Perk Points cost $2.00 per 100 Perk Points as of 2018 Tale 8 start. You can give ownership to a friend.

Adopt a Cat Box.jpg For a Friend option.jpg Cute Pet Message.jpg

Before adopting your cat, you need to buy Perk Points if you do not have enough. Click the link below to go to the Store and buy Perk Points. The amount of Perk Points you have is shown in the upper right under your name after you log in.


NOTE: You can name your cat for free the first time by clicking your kitty.

Name Your Cat Message.jpg Cat Name Field.jpg

Sizes (Smallest to Largest)

Desert size is the base so River is a Miniature

River.jpg River Desert.jpg Desert Woodland.jpg Woodland Grassland.jpg Grassland
Savanna.jpg Savannah Coastal.jpg Coastal Jungle.jpg Jungle


Please note that Ginger is a pattern, not a color

Yellow Mackerel Tabby.jpg Mackerel Tabby Havana Yellow.jpg Havana Blue Ginger.jpg Ginger 250px-Tuxedo purple.jpg Tuxedo
250px-Bengal2.jpg Bengal 250px-Jungle.jpg Color Point 250px-Marbled.jpg Marbled Black Solid.jpg Solid - use only with Black as color


This is a sampling of a few of the available colors

Aqua Ginger.jpg Aqua Ginger Blue Ginger.jpg Blue Ginger Bright Pink Ginger.jpg Bright Pink Ginger Chartreuse Mackerel Tabby.jpg Chartreuse Mackerel Tabby
Dark Orange Tuxedo.jpg Dark Orange Tuxedo Dark Violet Ginger.jpg Dark Violet Ginger Dodger Blue Ginger.jpg Dodger Blue Ginger Fuschia Bengal.jpg Fuchsia Bengal
Persian Pink Havana.jpg Persian Pink Havana Lime Bengal.jpg Lime Bengal Light Salmon Marbled.jpg Light Salmon Marbled 250px-Tuxedo purple.jpg Purple Tuxedo
Red Ginger.jpg Red Ginger Violet Color Point.jpg Violet Color Point White Mackerel Tabby.jpg White Mackerel Tabby Havana Yellow.jpg Yellow Havana

Cute Cat Behaviours

  • Click the cat and 'Pet' it.
Laying Down Pose.jpg Begging Pose.jpg Wash the Paw Pose.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Cat ownership controls who can pick up a cat, not who owns it.
  • Cats will follow their owners everywhere, even if you warp or swim (they run on top of the water). On logout the cat will go into your inventory. Or click your cat and pick up to put in inventory. Click Self/Drop to put your kitty out for all to see!
  • Cats can be guilded but whomever has the cat when logging out will have it go into their inventory! Like anything else, you have to ask them to give it back. Please protect your investment, and do not give it away!
  • If you find your cat lagging behind you, slow down or pick it up. Your cat cannot eat the dex food and cannot keep up. The cat will eventually give up and 'rubberband warp' to you.
  • In your Interface Options is an option to automatically drop your cat when you log in.