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Weight 1
Bulk 1

Chocolates are only available from special events.

  • During Winter Wonderland snowstorms. Three types of chocolates are received in a present, with 7db of each chocolate.
  • Around Easter weekend chocolates are found by opening Easter Eggs which spawn outside.


Can be consumed using Skills->Consume and provide a small boost to certain stats, as noted below.

The stat boost lasts 5 minutes and is stackable with Kitchen meals and herbs.


Name Stats
Chocolate Caramel Pyramids +3 Str
Chocolate Cinnamon Meltaways No stat difference, but the message "Strangely, although the chocolate tasted good, it didn't seem to have any effect"
Chocolate Coconut Wafers +3 Spd
Chocolate Covered Ants +2 End, +2 Spd
Chocolate Date Jumbles +3 End
Chocolate Grape Cordials +3 Str
Chocolate Hearts +2 Str, +2 Dex
Chocolate Lemon Jellies +3 Con
Chocolate Mint Toffees +2 Foc, +2 Per
Chocolate Nougat Squares +3 Per
Chocolate Peanut Clusters +3 Dex
Chocolate Wine Cordials +3 Foc
Chocolate Orange Chews +5 Con