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Where to find details about the Decathlon Event

A Controller run event that shows up on the calendar.
Watch for news and winners' listings in the Events chat.

Click on the Calendar icon and scroll.
Click on the Eye icon on the left under the title of the Event to see a small story and prize list.

Set Your Time Zone

Set your Time Zone correctly because the calendar time for event start also uses it.


  • You must manually change your Time Zone back one hour in the spring and forward one hour in the fall.
  • For the USA Eastern Time is 0500 (March 8 thru November 1 for 2020) for EDT, but then during EST has to manually be changed to 0400.

What to do

To gain points gather or do these actions (yield per action gives points except where noted):

  • Dirt (point per action, not yield)
  • Silt (point per silt pile, not yield)
  • Fish (per deben)
  • Wood
  • Grow any veggie (no points for field grown veggies)
  • Grass
  • Smash Gravel (per stone hit, not yield)
  • Grow Flax
  • Cactus Sap (only from Royal Cactus)
  • Slate
  • Tagging Animals (cattle and pigs) in the wild (Tag disappears on each cattle when tagged)
  • Milk (points per db, not action)

Final score is percentage of total against what the other players collected for each item above (see picture below).

How to Check Your Event Points

Once the event begins, click Self/Special/Events.../ to see your points.

NOTE: You probably need to pick more than once or grow more than one veggie to gain points and be an official Participant. Check your points during the event to make sure you have some.

How Points are Accrued

The more you gather/grow of one item, the less points you accrue for that item. Watch what happens under your points as the event goes on.

For the Lottery prize, think of it as entries into a bowl out of which winners are randomly chosen. The more you participate, the more entries are added in that bowl.

Check for a Talent Point when a Participation prize is given.

Winners' Reports

The Winners' list is automatically posted in the Events chat.

In case you missed seeing the Winners' Reports or just general chat about the event, it is logged here:


Suggestions for new actions

  • Thorns, clay, flint, limestone, coconuts, mushrooms, insects.
  • 10 golden beetles during event. Tagged they disappear.

If more than 10 actions exist, have 10 actions randomly chosen each Decathlon event for players to discover which count.