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Fresh Leaves

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Fresh leaves are harvested from different foliage Plants each Egyptian week and are marked with the week in which they were harvested.
'G' is the default hotkey for 'Harvest the Leaves'

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Current Fresh Leaves


Fresh Leaves

Week Leaf
week 70 Peach Periwinkle
week 69 Velvet Nightflower
week 68 Full Isis' Headdress
week 48 Yellow Ground Palm
week 47 Wild Sea Oats
Week 46 Showy Stonecrop
Week 45 Green Ground Cover
Week 42 Nile Water Leaf
Week 41 Dark Pampas Grass
Week 40 Night's Beauty
Week 39 Karroka
Week 38 Snake Plant
Week 37 Dark Pampas Grass
Week 36 Emerald Flag
Week 35
Week 34 Indigo Bachelor Buttons
Week 33 Lemon Scatterbell
Week 32 Emerald Flag
Week 31 Green Ground Cover
Week 30 Olive Pumila Grass
Week 29 Purple Scatterbell
Week 28 Ripple-Leaf Lily
Week 27 Olive Pumila Grass
Week 26 Coleus
Week 25 Snake Plant
Week 24 Cattails
Week 23 Coleus
Week 22 Pretty Pinks
Week 21 Cobra Weed
Week 20 Bog Mallow
Week 19 Pale Pampas Grass
Week 18 Hellia
Week 17 Curl-Tip Snake Plant
Week 16 Showy Stonecrop
Week 15 Crimson Scatterbell
Week 14 Nile Lotus Leaf
Week 13 Water Leaf
Week 12 Yellow Pansy
Week 11 unknown
Week 10 Ripple-leaf Lily
Week 9 Pranesh
Week 8 Yellow Pansy
Week 7 Gardenia
Week 6 Indigo Bachelor Buttons
Week 5 Pretty Pinks
Week 4 Curl-Tip Snake
Week 3 Boxwood
Week 2 Green Ground Cover
Week 1 Twinkles Periwinkle