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Guides/Growing Flax

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Help! How do I grow flax?

One of the first "puzzles" you encounter in the game is growing flax. Figuring it out can be a challenge for some. Here are some answers to the most common questions that new players have about the flax puzzle.

Flax Seeds

The first thing you need to learn is how to create more flax seeds.

  1. Stand on grass. You should have a "harvest grass" icon.
  2. Plant a bed of flax: Click on your Self, Plant, Flax, Old Egypt.
  3. You will start with an empty field. After 20 seconds, it will grow tall purple flowers. That's the flax.
  4. Watch and wait. About 15 seconds later, weeds will grow in with the flax. They are light green/yellow.
    • If you click on the bed as soon as the weeds appear, there will be the option to weed your flax. Do not weed this time.
  5. If you do not weed the flax bed within 15–20 seconds of the weeds appearing, it will "go wild". More weeds will grow and you can harvest seeds from the wild flax.
  6. Continue to check on your wild beds of flax as you pick grass, etc. You will be able to harvest seeds again about once a minute.
  7. After about five minutes, the flax bed will leave one more bag of seeds on the ground. It is small, look closely.
  8. Keep an eye on your supply of flax seeds. If you run out of seeds, you can get more from the School of Art and Music

Harvesting Flax

Now that you have a good supply of flax seeds, you can tend your flax beds so they produce flax instead of seeds.

  1. Stand on grass and plant your flax seeds
  2. Watch for the purple flowers to grow after 20 seconds
  3. Watch for the yellow weeds to grow after another 20 seconds. As soon as you see them, click the flax bed and "Weed the flax" to remove the weeds
  4. Wait for the weeds to return, about another 20 seconds. Weed the bed of flax again.
  5. After another 20 seconds, you should be able to "harvest the flax"