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Guild:Paradise Plains Dog House

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Welcome to Paradise Plains Dog House, located in Hinterlands, on the Red Sea coast (2288 2773)


Current projects PPDH is working on. Feel free to gather or make what resources are needed. Leave a note in here when you've stashed or pledged stuff.


PP facilities usage rules:
- facilities that don't break down are public, so be sure to take your stuff out after using them, or it might get taken by someone else.
- facilities that can break down are guilded, most can be used by initiates, some more advanced ones might be restricted to higher ranks.
If tubs or kilns start breaking, stop using them and get a member with high Salvage level to tear the rest down, and rebuild the whole lot.
High salvage level:

PP Vigil

Festival supplies

Citrus and Honey



Raeli ovens


Seven Phoenix

Archeological Relics


Wood Treatment Recipes

WARNING: past tales recipes, need to be verified and adjusted for the new tank!!!
Adjusted recipes are in bold, old ones in italics
  • Rigid: 50s sulfur, 10s lead (library upgrade)
  • Rigid Hard Fireproof Termite-resistant: 60 Sulfur, 70 Lead, 60 Ash, 10 Lead (Throne)
  • Rigid Hard Fireproof Blonde: 80s lead, 60s sulfur, 60s lime, 12s sulfur (acoustics lab, mega, silt collector)
  • Rigid Hard Termite-resistant Blonde Glossy: 70s sulfur, 35s lead, 27s saltpeter, 10s petroleum, 10s oil, 16s lead (throne)
  • Rigid Hard Termite-resistant Black: 210s lead (throne)
  • Rigid Hard Fireproof Black: 90s lead, 7s bonemeal, 7s lime, 3s lead (silt collector encasement, phoenix)
  • Rigid Hard Volatile Rotproof Termit-resistant Black: 155s petroleum, 8s water, 20s sulfur, 25s lead, 10s petroleum, 10s lead (EHT)
  • Rigid Hard Rotproof: 20s lead, 110s sulfur, 35s oil, 20s lead, 10s oil, 10s petroleum, 10s lead (gazebo)
  • Rigid Hard Black: 90s lead (orchestra, mega, library upgrade)
  • Rigid Soft Rotproof Blonde: 250s beeswax 20s water, 40s potash, 10s saltpeter, 30s lead (Throne)
  • Rigid Soft White: 10s water, 60s potash, 30s lead (throne deco)
  • Rigid Fireproof Rotproof Nontoxic White: 170s lime, 10s saltpeter, 10s oil, 10s petroleum, 3s saltpeter, 2s lime (throne)
  • Rigid Fireproof Termit-resistant Black: 210s lead, 26s lime, 2s lead (throne)
  • Rigid Rotproof: 55 Sulfur, 25 Lime, 10 oil, 20wax (mega)
  • Rigid Rotproof Nontoxic: 50 Sulfur, 30 Lime, 30 Water, 14 Oil, 20 Beeswax, 6 Water (for aquaduct)
  • Rigid Rotproof White: 10s water, 26s sulfur, 8s saltpeter, 30s lime, 60s Beeswax
  • Rigid Termit-resistant Nontoxic Blonde: 60s sulfur, 30s saltpeter, 20s lead (twist of study)
  • Rigid Nontoxic: 50 Sulfur, 20 Lime, 8 Water (Modern Sheep Pen)
  • Rigid Nontoxic Blonde: 40s water, 35s sulfur, 10s lead (orchestra)
  • Rigid White: 10s water, 26s sulfur, 8s saltpeter, 20s lime (orchestra)
  • Rigid Blonde: 5s water, 26s sulfur, 10s lead (library expansion)
  • Rigid Glossy: 130s water, 110s beeswax, 6s petrol, 35s potash, 8s sulfur, 7s lead (raeli mosaic, banquet table, gazebo)
  • Pliable Hard: 50 Oil, 12 saltpeter, 10 Lime, 60 Sulfur, 8 saltpeter (mega, orchestra,acoustics lab)
  • Pliable Hard Volatile Blonde: 50s petroleum, 10s beeswax, 10s oil, 40s sulfur, 20s saltpeter, 10s sulfur (acoustics lab, EHT, mega)
  • Pliable Hard Termite-resistant Black: 155s petroleum, 60s saltpeter, 20s lead
  • Pliable Hard Nontoxic: 40s oil, 30s lime, 30s lead, 28s saltpeter
  • Pliable Hard White: 140s sulfur, 30s potash, 7s water, 7s petrol, 7s beeswax, 7s oil, 7s saltpeter, 6s potash
  • Pliable Hard Black Glossy: 320s Oil, 7s Lime, 30s Lead, 8s Sulfur, 10s oil, 20s ash
  • Pliable Soft Fireproof: 130s ash, 20s saltpeter
  • Pliable Soft Rotproof: 225s beeswax, 27s ash, 20s saltpeter (cargo hold upgrade)
  • Pliable Soft Rotproof Nontoxic Blonde: 200s beeswax, 130s saltpeter, 5s beeswax
  • Pliable Soft Rotproof Blonde: 230s beeswax, 10s water, 50s saltpeter (mega)
  • Pliable Soft Termite-resistant Nontoxic Blonde: 140s saltpeter, 20s lead (hardwood obelisk)
  • Pliable Soft Nontoxic Blonde: 130s saltpeter (acoustics lab, orchestra)
  • Pliable Soft Nontoxic Blonde Glossy: 165s saltpeter, 7s petrol, 7s oil, 7s beeswax, 26s saltpeter (throne)
  • Pliable Soft Nontoxic Black: 140s saltpeter, 7s sulfur, 7s water, 7s beeswax, 7s ash, 50s lead, 5s saltpeter (throne)
  • Pliable Soft Nontoxic White: 140s saltpeter, 10s potash (pulse of the people, glider)
  • Pliable Nontoxic Blonde: 100s saltpeter (santa's sleigh)
  • Pliable Fireproof Blonde: 130s ash, 8s saltpeter, 8s water, 8s wax, 2s saltpeter (phoenix, airship)
  • Pliable Rotproof: 140s petroleum, 40s beeswax, 30s saltpeter (EHT, throne)
  • Pliable Termit-resistant Nontoxic Blonde: 100s saltpeter, 10s petroleum (EHT, ant colony)
  • Pliable Black: 47s oil, 8s saltpeter, 8s lead (throne)
  • Hard Fireproof Rotproof Blonde: 80 lime, 30 petrol, 10 ash, 30 sulfur, 33 beeswax (chem bath)
  • Hard Volatile Rotproof: 150s petroleum, 15s sulfur (swinery)
  • Hard Volatile Rotproof Blonde: 140s sulfur, 40s oil, 20s petroleum, 16s sulfur (throne)
  • Hard Volatile Rotproof Termit-resistant: 150s petroleum, 8s lead (mega, phoenix, steam shovel, improved hackling rake, pigsty)
  • Hard Volatile Rotproof Glossy: 250s petroleum, 20s sulfur, 40s beeswax, 20s sulfur (twist of study, mega)
  • Hard Volatile Termite-resistant Black Glossy: 300s petroleum, 10s lead, 10s oil (gazebo)
  • Hard Volatile Termite-resistant Black: 300s petroleum, 30s lead (phoenix)
  • Hard Rotproof Glossy: 300s Petrol, 50s wax, 100s sulfur, 53s wax (mega)
  • Hard Termite-resistant Nontoxic Black: 135s cc, 7s ash, 7s sulfur, 7s saltpeter, 7s petroleum (water trough upgrade)
  • Hard Nontoxic White: 135s bonemeal, 7s lime, 7s petrol, 7s lead (modern sheep farm)
  • Hard Blonde Glossy: 135s sulfur, 63s saltpeter, 30 oil
  • Hard White: 160s sulfur, 30s saltpeter, 40s Lime, 40s Bonemeal, 30s Lime, 50s Sulfur (modern sheep farm)
  • Hard White Glossy: 140s sulfur, 60s saltpeter, 10s potash, 8s lime, 8s sulfur, 45s oil (large house)
  • Soft Fireproof Rotproof Blonde: 200s beeswax, 20s water, 40s potash, 10s saltpeter, 20s ash (phoenix)
  • Soft Fireproof Nontoxic Blonde: 5s wax, 10s water, 10s ash, 30s potash, 10s lime, 10s saltpeter (phoenix)
  • Soft Fireproof White: 20s water, 40s potash, 10s saltpeter, 20s lime (phoenix)
  • Soft Termite-resistant White: 140s saltpeter, 20s lead, 10s potash (Throne)
  • Soft Termite-resistant Blonde Glossy: 165s saltpeter, 10s petroleum, 10s oil (Throne)
  • Soft White Glossy: 130s water, 110s beeswax, 26s sulfur, 80s potash (raeli mosaic, banquet table, gazebo)
  • Fireproof Rotproof Termite-Prone: 80s lime, 30s petrol
  • Fireproof Termite-prone Nontoxic Glossy: 80s lime, 25s water, 2s sulfur, 7s lead, 7s water, 7s saltpeter, 7s petroleum, 7s oil, 7s beeswax, 20s potash, 7s lime, 20s water, 3s lime
  • Fireproof Termite-resistant White: 90 Saltpeter, 100 Lead, 60 Lime (Throne)
  • Fireproof Nontoxic: 13s water, 26s bonemeal, 20s ash (trading display)
  • Fireproof White Glossy: 120s water, 30s saltpeter, 30s oil, 10s wax, 50s potash, 30s lime (mega)
  • Volatile Rotproof Termit-resistant : 153s petroleum (thistle garden)
  • Volatile Rotproof Termit-resistant Glossy: 180s petrol, 8s oil, 20s wax, 3s petrol (throne)
  • Volatile Rotproof Termit-resistant Nontoxic: 60s sulfur, 60s petrol, 10s beeswax, 134s water, 30s petrol (gazebo)
  • Volatile Rotproof Termit-resistant Nontoxic Black: 155s petroleum, 7s ash, 7s beeswax, 7s oil, 7s potash, 7s lime, 7s saltpeter, 11s petroleum
  • Volatile Rotproof Termit-resistant Nontoxic Glossy: 60s sulfur, 60s petrol, 120s water, 50s petrol, 15s beeswax (gazebo, throne)
  • Volatile Rotproof Termit-resistant Black: 153s petroleum (hardwood obelisk, thistle garden)
  • Volatile Rotproof Termit-resistant Black Glossy: 235s petroleum, 25s beeswax, 2s petroleum (banquet table, gazebo)
  • Rotproof: 30s sulfur, 30s oil, 20s beeswax (tale of journey)
  • Rotproof Termit-prone Nontoxic: 225s wax, 8s oil, 8s potash, 8s lime, 8s water (thistle garden)
  • Rotproof Termit-resistant Nontoxic: 70s sulfur, 70s petrol, 130s water, 15s petrol (gazebo)
  • Rotproof Termit-resistant Blonde: 155s petroleum, 7s oil, 7s ash, 7s beeswax, 7s water, 7s sulfur, 7s saltpeter, 10s petroleum
  • Rotproof Nontoxic Blonde: 225s wax, 8s oil, 8s potash, 8s lime, 8s water, 3s wax (thistle garden)
  • Rotproof Nontoxic Glossy: 40s water, 40s sulfur, 10s water, 35s oil, 65s petrol, 15s beeswax (needs refining)
  • Rotproof Blonde Glossy: 440s wax (master schooner)
  • Rotproof White Glossy: 420s beeswax, 8s water, 8s sulfur, 8s saltpeter, 8s potash
  • Termite-prone Nontoxic Black: 65s water, 10s beeswax, 10s ash, 10s oil, 10s petrol
  • Termit-resistant Nontoxic : 40s sulfur, 40s saltpeter, 8s petroleum (ants)
  • Nontoxic: 12s saltpeter (silkworm farm)
  • Nontoxic White: 55s saltpeter, 8s potash (modern sheep farm)
  • Nontoxic White Glossy: 110s water, 28s saltpeter, 10s petrol, 6s oil, 10s beeswax, 4s saltpeter, 6s potash
  • Black Glossy: 10 Charcoal, 10 Sulfur, 10 Petroleum, 10 Oil, 20 Water, 10 Petroleum, 10 Oil, 30 Charcoal, 30 Beeswax (banquet table)
  • Blonde Glossy: 130s water, 110s beeswax, 35s sulfur (raeli mosaic, banquet table, orchestra)
  • White Glossy: 10 CC,10 sulfur,30 water,10 wax,10 sp,10 oil,30 wax,10 SP,10 pot (raeli mosaic, banquet table, gazebo)
  • Rigid Hard Fireproof: 160s lead, 10 potash, 20 ash, 2s lead

Metal Treatment Recipes

WARNING: T4-T7 recipes, need to be verified and adjusted for the new tank!!!
Adjusted recipes are in bold, old ones in italics
  • Aluminum: Ductile Tarnished 100 saltpeter, 40 Potash, 5 saltpeter (Ka)
  • Aluminum: Ductile Hard: 10s cabbage juice, 60s saltpeter, 60s lime, 10 coal (Ka)
  • Aluminum: Ductile Hard Insulative Nontoxic: 10s cabbage juice, 140s cactus sap, 10s saltpeter, 20s gravel, 20s lime, 10s coal (Ka)
  • Aluminum: Hard Stainless Insulative Nontoxic: 140s cactus sap, 10s gravel, 10s arsenic (Ka)
  • Aluminum: Plastic Tarnished 140 Cabbage juice, 20 Sap, 20 Saltpeter (Ka)
  • Antimony: Corrosin Resistant Conductive: 140s arsenic, 60s salt (Ka)
  • Antimony: Corrosin Resistant Conductive Shiny: 30 Coal, 60 Potash, 10 Sap, 20 Arsenic, 10 Cabbage juice, 10 Sulfur (Ka)
  • Auricupride: Ductile, Corrosion Resistant Insulative: 30s salt, 102s gravel, 60s arsenic, 40s saltpeter (silt collector encasement)
  • Copper: Shiny Plastic Stainless Insulative: 210s gravel, 30s salt, 5s cabbage juice, 25s arsenic (Ka)
  • Copper: Shiny Hard Corrosion Resistant Insulative: 50s coal, 60s cactus sap, 20s arsenic, 20s gravel (Ka)
  • Copper: Ductile Shiny Corrosion resistant Insulative Toxic: 210s gravel, 10s potash, 10s sulfur, 7s saltpeter (Ka)
  • Copper: Ductile Nontoxic: 20s cabbage juice, 70s cactus sap, 35s gravel, 20s lime (Ka)
  • Cooper: Hard Stainless: 76s coal, 10s cactus sap, 10s gravel, 10s arsenic (steam shovel)
  • Cooper: Stainless Insulative: 110s saltpeter, 7s coal, 7s gravel (steam engine)
  • Copper: Corrosion-Prone Ductile Toxic: 100 Saltpeter, 10 Gravel, 10 Potash, 4 Saltpeter (Ka)
  • Gold: Plastic Nontoxic: 295s Cabbage juice, 57s cactus sap (Ka)
  • Gold: Corrosion-Resistant Hard: 40 Sap, 5 Gravel (Ka)
  • Iron: Hard Corrosion-resistant Insulative: 40s coal, 40s cactus sap, 5s gravel (lime auger)
  • Iron: Stainless Insulative Nontoxic: 90s cactus sap, 10s gravel, 10s arsenic (Ka)
  • Lead: Tarnished Hard Insulative Nontoxic: 10s potash, 120s coal, 10s cabbage juice, 57s cactus sap (Ka)
  • Lithium: Ductile Nontoxic: 40s cabbage juice, 10s cactus sap, 120s lime (Ka)
  • Lithium: Brittle Stainless: 13s cabbage juice, 10s cactus sap, 8s potash, 18s saltpeter, 7s coal, 7s gravel, 1s potash
  • Magnesium: Brittle Toxic: 50s sulfur, 10s saltpeter (Ka)
  • Magnesium: Conductive Toxic: 20s potash, 20s saltpeter, 40s cabbage juice, 10s sulfur, 10s saltpeter (Ka)
  • Moon Steel: Hard Nontoxic Insulative: 170s cactus sap (phoenix)
  • Moon Steel: Hard, Stainless: 50s lime, 20s coal, 10s cactus sap, 10s gravel, 20s potash (gem chisel)
  • Moon Steel: Ductile Plastic Stainless Nontoxic: 85s gravel, 7s lime, 25s salt, 15s gravel, 8s sulfur, 18s arsenic (auto loom hopper upgrade)
  • Octec's Alloy: Hard Stainless Shiny: 20s lime, 14s coal, 14s sap, 30s gravel, 12s arsenic (Sphinx)
  • Pewter: Hard Corrosion resistant: 10s potash, 10s saltpeter, 10s arsenic, 30s coal, 10s cactus sap, 10s gravel (phoenix)
  • Platinum: Shiny Corrosion resistant: 40s coal, 10s cactus sap (Ka)
  • Steel: Hard Stainless Shiny: 90s cactus sap, 50s gravel, 10s arsenic (Sphinx)
  • Steel: Stainless Insulative: 20s cactus sap, 10s gravel, 7s arsenic (pots)
  • Strontium: Ductile Hard Insulative Nontoxic: 200s cactus sap, 40s gravel, 20s lime, 10s coal (Ka)
  • Strontium: Stainless Tarnished: 150s coal, 40s gravel, 20s arsenic (Ka Test)
  • Strontium: Shiny Corrosion Resistant Insulative: 15s cactus sap, 50s gravel
  • Strontium: Shiny Stainless Insulative: 90s cactus sap, 50s gravel, 10s Arsenic
  • Sun Steel: Corrosion Resistant Insulative: 40s saltpeter, 8s coal (pigsty)
  • Sun Steel: Stainless Insulative: 40s saltpeter, 8s coal, 8s gravel (reinforced kiln)
  • Sun Steel: Hard Stainless Insulative: 40s saltpeter, 27s cabbage, 27s coal, 7s gravel (7x reactory hopper upgrade)
  • Sun Steel: Hard Stainless Insulative Nontoxic: 116s cactus sap, 10s gravel, 7s arsenic (7x reactory hopper upgrade)
  • Thoth's Metal: Hard Stainless Ductile: 80 Cabbage juice, 60 Coal, 10 Gravel, 10 Sulfur, 19 Arsenic (auto sawmill hopper upgrade)
  • Tin: Brittle Shiny Conductive: 160s cactus sap, 20s sulfur, 12s potash (Ka)
  • Titanium: Stainless: 20s cactus sap, 10s gravel, 10s arsenic (water filter)
  • Titanium: Hard Stainless Conductive: 80s coal, 10s gravel (4x reactory hopper upgrade)
  • Titanium: Hard Corrosion-resistant Conductive Nontoxic: 75s coal (steam shovel)
  • Tungsten: Hard Corrosion-resistant Insulative Nontoxic: 150s cactus sap, 10s gravel (Ka)
  • Tungsten: Brittle Hard Shiny Stainless: 70s cactus sap, 10s cabbage juice, 40s arsenic, 10s coal (Ka)
  • Tungsten: Stainless Conductive: 30s coal, 80s potash, 10s saltpeter, 20s arsenic, 10s cabbage juice, 10s sulfur (Ka)
  • Tungsten: Corrosion resistant Conductive Shiny': 30s coal, 60s potash, 10s saltpeter, 20s arsenic, 10s cabbage juice, 10s sulfur (Ka)
  • Tungsten: Hard Stainless Insulative Titanium-Plated: 40 salt, 120 CJ, 10 Salt, 120 CJ, 10 Salt, 120 CJ 10 Salt, 50 CJ, 30 Coal, 10 Gravel 18 salts of Titanium
  • Zinc: Hard Insulative Nontoxic: 110s cactus sap (Ka)
  • Zinc: Shiny Hard Stainless Insulative: 80s cabbage juice, 27s coal, 16s gravel