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Guild:Quarry Sensing

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Welcome to the World of Marble Quarrying!

The Guild Hall is at 40, -7150. Open for anyone who is interesting in quarrying!

Any quarry listed below can be worked by any guild members, just form a group and go! Here is a set of guidelines to dealing with dividing the share of a quarry.

  • 1 marble to the provider of the mats for the quarry
  • 1 marble to the prospector

Alternatively, just 2 to the prospectors if they provide their own materials.

  • 1 marble to the cook (the endurance food can be expensive and is very necessary)
  • And the remaining marble in the quarry divided evenly between the quarriers.
  • Excess marble that can't be divided evenly should be added to the guild pool at the guildhall wh.

What goes in the guildhall WH?

  • Guild trade pool marble
  • Gearboxes. Make sure to remove a gearbox before you salvage the quarry, as you may be able to use it agin.
  • Prospecting and quarry materials

Gear Boxes

In warehouse at Guild Hall:

Cook's Corner

2 Kitchens in Faction Compound near Quarry park: in compound at 220 -7700

Recipe is: XXXX ==> +XXXStr +XXXDex +XXXPer (2019-XX-XX)

List of Quarries

Current Surveyed Areas

Guild:Quarry Sensing/Surveying

Oyster Shell Marble

Location Prospectors Quarriers Gearboxes Status Notes
Redshift + atom RIP
Redshift + atom RIP