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All ingredients gain potency over time and lose potency whenever time they are eaten as the first course in a meal. This holds true for everyone, everywhere. Somehow ingredients are psychic and know if someone's nibbled them halfway across Egypt.

For this reason, if you see a recipe you like you must ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS eat what is called a sink food first.

A sink food is a set of ingredients that a) are easy to obtain and b) nobody minds if they have no effect on your stats.

To use a sink food successfully just prepare a meal with the sink food recipe, eat it, then eat your desired recipe while your stats are still under the effect of the sink food. The sink food stats will be overwritten and the new stats will take effect. But more importantly your meal will not decrease the effectiveness of the ingredients for everyone else in the game.

Sink Food

IMPORTANT: Please eat sink food before you eat any other meal to help preserve the potency of other ingredients.

For Tale 10, Good Eats has settled on Mutton and Oil as Sink Food. Both should be readily available to everyone. Ratio of ingredients does not matter as long as they are not equal, so e.g. 69 Mutton and 1 Oil is just fine for 10 servings of Sink Food. This pairing as the added benefit of giving +Dex, so it is fine/encouraged to eat as much as you want to drive up potency of other ingredients.

Qwus Choice

Base(s) Additive(s) STR DEX END SPD CON FOC PER Duration Date Masterpiece Note
4 Common Basil.
4 Verdant Squill.
3 Crimson Lettuce.
3 Oyster Meat.
2 3 1 -1 1 0 -2 30m 30.06.2021 NO
4 Chives.
4 Fleabane.
4 Glechoma.
4 Satsatchi.
4 Verdant Squill.
3 Mountain Mint.
3 Opal Harebell.
3 Orange Sweetgrass.
3 Stickler Hedge.
3 Oyster Meat.
-1 -2 5 1 -2 1 -2 1h13m 21.06.2021 NO eat grilled pepper after dish to get rid of bad carry
4 Chives.
4 Morpha.
4 Glechoma.
4 Satsatchi.
4 Mountain Mint.
4 Silvertongue Damia.
3 Eggplant.
3 Fleabane.
3 Houseleek.
3 Lemondrop.
3 Orange Sweetgrass.
3 Stickler Hedge.
-5 -6 10 5 -5 -2 -7 1h37m 11.07.2021 NO eat grilled pepper after dish to get rid of bad carry
4 Burnt Tarragon.
4 Dusty Blue Sage.
4 Fumitory.
4 Shyama.
4 Tsangto.
4 Xanosi.
3 Black Pepper Plant.
3 Earth Apple.
3 Garcinia.
3 Ginger Root.
3 Sagar Ghota.
3 Tagetese.
-5 -5 -7 3 -6 4 10 1h37m 11.07.2021 NO eat grilled pepper, grilled onions and grilled watermelons after dish to get rid of bad stats

Enjoy, Qwu