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Herbing Event

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Requirements to Participate

Botany Level 2 must be attained by Inspecting 25 different flora from the Task "Botany" so you can pick herbs.


Link to Foraging Methods for Herbs.

Where to find details about the Herbing Event

A Controller run event that shows up on the calendar.
Watch for news and winners' listings in the Events chat.

Click on the Calendar icon and scroll.
Click on the Eye icon on the left under the title of the Event to see a small story and prize list.

Set Your Time Zone

Make sure to set your Time Zone correctly because the calendar time for event start uses that information for each player.

Unfortunately, in game, your Time Zone does not account for the changing times in spring and fall. You must manually change it.

In the US for 2020, Daylight Savings Time is March 8 thru November 1.

Set your Time Zone back one hour in the spring and forward one hour in the fall.
For reference:

  • Eastern Time in the USA is 0500, as in the pic, when not during DST and has to manually be reset from 0400 during EDT.

What to do

Points are gained for:

  • Single Herb - a known specific herb. See pic below showing where scores are, "Number of Peppermint gathered" is the Single Herb.
  • Total Herb - all the herbs you pick.
  • Mystery Herb - an unknown specific herb to figure out by watching to get a score under Mystery Herb.
  • Most Types of Herb

Each oasis (group of trees and plants) has a chance of spawning an herb or two.

How to Check Your Event Points

Once the event begins, click Self/Events.../ to see your points.

Aids in Faster Foraging

Eating Speed and Dexterity food enables you to run faster so you pick more herbs.

Gaining Foraging 2 from Botany Level 2 will give you the ability to automatically pick the herb without knowing the correct foraging method for that herb. Botany Skill shows up in your Skills when you Identify your first piece of flora. So gaining that skill and picking 7 of as many herbs as possible to auto pick as many herbs as possible let's you collect herbs much faster.

Winners' Reports

The Winners' list is automatically posted in the Events chat.

In case you missed seeing the Winners' Reports or just general chat about the event, it is logged here: