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In Vino Veritas

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In Vino Veritas
Location 2955, -1100

About Us

The wine guild, discussing all aspects of the wine production process.

The guild maintains a warehouse next to the guild hall to facilitate cutting and wine exchange. Cuttings in the warehouse are free for the taking.

Wine Exchange

For now, we ask that you add two bottles to the exchange for each one you take. As we build up a stock, we can change the exchange rate.

Hybrid Vines

    • RoaminUmp#1, phenotype ACCS (i.e. it's a bit worse than Frivolity :/)
    • RoaminUmp#4, phenotype AGGGV (should be more grapes than Distraction)
    • RoaminUmp#5, phenotype ACSSS (more sugar than frivolity)
    • Shelyak#1 (on vineyard), phenotype GGSSV (like Distraction, but with Frivolity's sugar profile)

Wines in Stock

Name Vintner Vintage Alcohol Flavor Notes
Apples to Apples RoaminUmp 16 12% good Q; should have early hot alcohol, menthol - walnut by age 4
Fun and Games RoaminUmp 17 13% kinda lousy; early lemon
Global Concepts RoaminUmp 17 12% good quality and tannin; major mix of vineyards, should have lots of flavors
Good Vibrations RoaminUmp 17 12% decent Q; expect citrus + molasses early
Life Debt RoaminUmp 16 12% 175+ quality; early stemmy, menthol, and molasses
Look, Over There! RoaminUmp 13 12% hot alcohol & carmelization at age 3
New Frontier RoaminUmp 17 12% no clue - it's a new vineyard location
R&R RoaminUmp 16 12% 60+ quality, very sweet; grapefruit early
River of Stars - Aqueduct Scramble Shelyak 33 13% high alc, high quality, high sweetness
River of Stars - Koptos Idyll Shelyak 14 12% ethanol, lemon, high quality and sweetness
River of Stars - Sunset by the Nile Shelyak 17 13% ethanol, citrus notes, should add pineapple
River of Stars - Twilight Chimaera Shelyak 16 13% buteric acid, menthol, eventual berries/cassis (5-6)
Silence 15' Radius RoaminUmp 14 12% violets
Smoke and Mirrors RoaminUmp 17 13% violets
Stromash RoaminUmp 10 1-6% fresh, stemmy at age 3
Svengali RoaminUmp 12 6-11% none at age 1
Twilight Moon 150 Vhoross 13 12% unknown
Twilight Moon 200 Vhoross 13 12% unknown
Twilight Sun 150 Vhoross 13 12% unknown
Twilight Sun 300 Vhoross 13 12% unknown
Vigilant Refined Nekojin 15 12% low Q, high tannin
Vigilant Victory Nekojin 15 12% sweet, molasses
Wanna Acro? RoaminUmp 16 12% 40+ quality; should show early grass + molasses flavors
Welcome Diversion RoaminUmp 16 12% 75+ quality, sweet; stemmy, grass, grapefruit early
White Herring RoaminUmp 13 12% unknown

Getting Started in Winemaking

Distraction is a fantastic grape to get rolling with - decent numbers across the board, and TONS of grapes. Plus, it's pretty foolproof - nearly all of the vine states have an obvious best tending choice. If you follow this plan, you'll end up with great vines (vigor numbers noted):

    • Fat->Shade (-6)
    • Musty->Pinch (-1)
    • Rustle->Trim (-2)
    • Sagging->Mist (-2)
    • Shimmer->Spread (-9)
      • If you don't want the big vigor hit, you can Aerate for -2, but you lose 3 grapes.
    • Shrivel->Tie (-3)
    • Wilting->Pinch (-3)

If you want to target high-quality wines, go with Appreciation; for very high-sugar, Frivolity. They're both OK at grape production, not great. Brilliance is hard to get great products out of - it's good for color, but not much else.


  • Create a compound with tasting table near the guild hall
  • Host tastings!