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Invasion of the Raiders

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Calendar Notice August 21

Sightings of roaming characters of foreign origins have been noticed.  Maybe it's nothing.  Normally the Royals of each of the 3 Houses stay to themselves, but after some tentative inquiries between them, it has been agreed that there are some new migrants.  Reports of stolen goods has been increased lately, too.

Postings around Egypt are asking to keep your eyes out for strange encampments.  If you spot any, take precautions, but inspecting these camps is encouraged.  We need to figure out what type of characters these are.

<<OOC: Feel free to take any loot you find and report in your local or global chats.  These camps can contain 25 to 45 sets of stolen goods .  So take your chances if you decide to check out a camp.  >>

Images and information about the raiders (post as camps are found)

Raider camp 1.png

* Sheep rustlers camp #1 Sam Yule Sid -902, -3136

Sam Yule Sidd: Blowflies and bally snakes is all this desert is good for. Why did I think the rustler's life would be easier than everlasting flax and slate picking? What I need is a pack of ruddy camels...if anyone around here is leaving thieir pens open tonight they had better watch out!

Sheep rustler's camp #2: Sam Yule Sidd 3038, -780

Some penned up sheep and camels here...I wonder what's going on?

hehe! So many sheep in this good land and so few people keeping an eye on the, I reckon I'll get a good price for this lot come auction day! Maybe even the Elder will want one of these racing camels! Sticking around here for a few more days at any rate...then will move east I think.

2 iron bars, 4 palm frond, 2 small barrels

Sheep rustler's camp #3: Sam Yule Sidd 3853, -945

I think I recognise this setup...Sam, are you there?

Offloaded this last lot of lost sheep for a tidy profit!! Camels are no good...too many people asking questions, and only lizard pickings out here now. Time to move - I hear tell of a nice oasis further to the east.

4 cuttable jade, 2 scorpions brood, 50 onions, 2 sheet glass

* Petty Pilferer Camp#1: Pootler Peterson  -2066, -3655

Message:  Jeez, this load of loot is getting mighty heavy. Can't believe people around here leave good stuff lying around for me to snaffle. Need to go get a cart, though, to move this lot...

Rustlers camp.jpg

Year 1 Shemu III-11, 9:41 pm Western Desert -1591, -2860. Found Petty Pilferer Camp #3: Pootler Peterson with 4 cuttable turquois, 2 ink, 20 potash, 2 quicksilver and a message that reads... I think that Stranger person who visited me last week is playing tricks on me. Now my camels are sprouting petals! At least they seem to be going faster as though their feet are on wheels. All the blue poo will attract attention so better lie low for a while before I continue my mission northwards

* Jewel Thieves Den #1: Be careful! -119, -2368

OK, here's the plan, kiddos - we'll hide our stash here until there is a good load together.  Then we'll haul it to the nearest town centre and hawk it off for a tidy sum like respectable traders. Keep your eyes out for small portable items of value and make sure you are not seen by the locals by daylight until then.   

* Jewel Thieves Den #2: Be careful -118, -2371

We've been getting some good loot around here, me hearties, though I think we have some rats in the ranks. Turn out your pockets and we'll see who of you won't be making the trip home to yous missus.

Hmm, looks like you are all clean, so keep watch out. These Egyptians can't be trusted

* Jewel Thieves Caravan #3 Be careful -152 -2302 Stakeout! We are being attacked by a band of masked strangers with swords. I am going out to negotiate. Cover me, if you can, and save your skins if they strike.

* Rogue Traders Camp #1: Better not cross him! 2975, -974 (these coordinates appear to be in the cs so likely wrong?)

Yo ho ho, it's a sandy sea, and a lonely road and a beggars robe for me! Unless I can offload some of this valuable stuff soon...mus' be traders around here somewhere ready to do a deal with a likely rogue like me!

* Rogue Traders Camp #2: Better not cross him! 2720, -750

There is a bit of a merry noise coming from this collection of tubs. We've heard this voice before, it is probably the trader known as The Troubador. The voice is a bit rough, but jolly. Shall we see if he has any tales to tell?

Rub a dub dub, here's me in a tub! Lice infested me camels at the last spot, so 'mus scrub up and get respectable again...hope there's no trouble ahead, people can be suspicious and there is wickedness abroad. So many tracks in the sand these days.

20 glass rods, 10 ink, 2 mirror, 5 royal rosemary

* This is a Rogue Traders Camp #3 - We've been looking for this Fellow! 2482 -345

So many are the grains of sand in this wineglass, so many are stories have I to tell, and all of them true!! Did I tell you of the one about the Princess and the Papyrus?

There I was, washing in the river, not so far from here, when I spied a pretty maid, pretty as a princess! Well, she seemed chatty, so I told her about the tracks in the sand and the pieces of paper that I've been finding in the river, all covered with squiggly writing.

I never see'd a face go so pale...and I doubt it was the sight of m'ginger whiskers...and she rushed off to tell her old da'. It was curious an'all. Now I'm expected up to the palace...to collect some reward or another... 20 Cuttable Amethyst, 5 Glass jars, 2 Malardium, 10 Cat Nip Mushrooms

* Seapeople's camp #1: 2954, 5343

This is as good a spot as any, Shifty. Let's set this loot down and rest for a few hours. By my calculations the ferry to the ship should be just due East.

Blimey, Drak, thought you'd want to keep goin'. Guess some of us ain't what they used to be.

You callin' me old, Shifty? I'll show you, I'll run to the ferry with the spoils on me back.

Bah, quit yer yammerin' and get some shut eye, Drak.

* Seapeople's camp #2: 2575, 5333

Chuffing hell, I thought the ferry would be here, Shifty. Looks like MadEyes dropped his loot and ran.

Let's have a look up the coast to see if we can find anything. At least MadEyes had the good sense to shove the loot under some bushes.

* Seapeople's camp #3: 2186, 5337

"DeadEyes" Drak begins scratching his head. "What's all this?" he thinks aloud in a low whiesper. "It must be what MadEyes was carrying."

"Shifty, I don't like the looks of this. Watch yer back, could mean trouble ahead."

* Seapeople's camp #4: 2209, 5496 (Empty camp...)

Uh oh, Boss, it looks like MadEyes! I'd know that bald head anywhere. Do you think he's ... dead?

Seems so, Shifty, and not by his own doing by the looks of it. Somethin' ain't right here.

Drak look, isn't that the ferry we're lookin' for out on that island?

Surely looks like it. Let's gather our spoils and get out of here before we end up under a chest.

* Seapeople's camp #5: 2176, 5540 (Jugs and empty wine bottles)

How did this get here? Well there she be Shifty, the long lost ferry. Aye Drak, let's load her up with the plunder and see if we can find the ship. I got a bad feeling being here.

*A hiding place for Antone's Burden. Elaphantine 2711, -3599 Upon inspection..."how do they expect us to carry all this? On our backs? Message reads: "Groan....This is heavy, my back is killing me already!  Better leave some here and come back with a camel, or maybe a cart." (*Took the 25 silver and 1 osm but left behind 50 cabbage and 1 canvas) ~Gisoo

Others reported on global chat

* add new locations here

-1591, -2861 (western desert) - Petty Pilferer's camp #3 "I think that Stranger person who visited me last week is playing tricks on me.  Now my camels are sprouting petals!  At least they seem to be going faster as though their feet are on wheels.  All the blue poo will attract attention so better lie low for a while before I continue my mission northwards. "