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What is a law?

Simply put, a law is a system of rules that regulate the actions of all players. What it is not is something that can grant new abilities. If the petition asks to do something a real-world government could not do, then it is not a valid petition. In summary, three points to note are:

  1. Petitions cannot grant new abilities - imagine the government passed a law declaring people could run faster. You wouldn't physically be able to run faster!
  2. Petitions cannot conjure knowledge out of thin air - imagine the government passed a law stating that now on you know of any terrorist in your vicinity. Nothing would happen, you cannot magically grant such knowledge.
  3. Petitions cannot negate challenges - if a law tries to simplify one of the tests, then that is an indication that we are too weak to do what we have been challenged to do.

In addition, the following is important to note:

  1. Only a citizen of Egypt who has demonstrated the principles of leadership can start a petition
  2. Once a petition has been written at a University of Leadership, you will need to gain the support of World.SigThreshhold["bill"] players who support balloting Egypt to the petition.
  3. All signatures on the petition has to be presented to the University of Leadership to be verified

Once a petition has met the above criteria, it makes it to the next ballot

  1. At regular intervals, all valid Petitions will make an appearance on a ballot
  2. All citizens of Egypt are asked to indicate whether they approve or disapprove of the petition, this is done at a Voting Booth
  3. Once the ballot is over, all of Egypt will be told of the results
  4. Any petition that did not secure a majority of yes votes (that is 50% of the ballot) will have failed, and be disposed of
  5. If any petition secured a majority of yes votes, the single petition that received the highest percentage of yes votes will become law
  6. The remaining petitions that secured a majority of yes votes, but was not the highest percentage of yes votes in the ballot will be retailed for balloting on the next ballot.

Remember: If no petition secured a majority yes votes, then no petition will be made law.

Laws in Egypt are just like laws in the real world - it's a way for you to limit the behavior of other people. For example, if you say that "nobody may cut down trees in the lakeshore region," that's a law. If you say "nobody may use the university unless they first pay their taxes," that's a law.

Proposed Laws