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Maps/Shop Locations

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This map shows locations of shops where players can make unattended/offline trades with other players that have been pre-configured by the shop owner.

Shops in Egypt Map

Shops in Egypt Listing

Name Region Location Selling Buying Updated
Meshwesh Iron Exchange Meshesh Delta (Tanis) 985, 7040 Iron Ore from the adjacent public mine 2022-5-31
FlowerMart West Kush 970 -4040 Sea Lily Bulbs Linen 2021-08-03
MeshMart Red Sea (Avaris) 2024, 1996 Blacksmithed Goods, Blown Glass, Basic mats Many Things! 2021-08-15
Happies Shop Bernike (Sharuhen) 3050, -940 CC, Cement, Stones, Thermometer, Glass, Flyrods Wood, Iron, Copper, Silt, Gravel daily
KMart Koptos 795, -1724 Charcoal, Metal, Alloys Glass products, Wood, Lime, Potash 2021-08-04
Samruc's Alloy Shop Koptos 730, -1830 Alloys (duh!) Iron, Copper 2021-08-09
The Treasure Trove Meshwesh Delta (Tanis) 843, 7041 Veggies, Wine, Sheet Glass, Charcoal Pearls, Wood, Silt, and more. 2021-08-07
Gelat Market Bernike (Sharuhen) 3050 -1090 Gravel, Copper, Quartz, cc, smithed items Fertile papyrus, silt,compost,iron 2021-08-15
West Bank Trading Meshwesh (Tanis) 1111, 6991 Marble and Granite Gravel, Papyrus seeds 2021-08-25
Easy Mode Mart Meroe 70, -6940 Metals, Cloth Ores, Gravel, Flax 2021-09-05
Meshwesh Cooking Co-Op OPEN 2023-3-15 Meshesh Delta (Tanis) 909, 6826 Herbs and Herb Seeds Herbs and Herb Seeds OPEN 2023-3-15
MeshWesh Trading Post OPEN 2023-3-15 MeshWesh Delta (Tanis) 905, 6822 Metals, Ores, Pottery, Flax Items, Basics Various Items OPEN 2023-3-15
Sheeper's Stash Red Sea (Avaris) 2224, 2042 Silk Cloth, Rumi Cheese: Potency 10, Marble, Other Items Gravel, Bauxite, Gypsum 2022-01-22
The Sand Bloom Shop MeshWesh Delta (Tanis) 909, 6892 All Sand Bloom bulbs plus some new ones Examples on view outside the shop 2022-06-14