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Maps/Shop Locations

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This map shows locations of shops where players can make unattended/offline trades with other players that have been pre-configured by the shop owner.

Shops in Egypt Map

Shops in Egypt Listing

Name Region Location Selling Buying Updated
FlowerMart West Kush 970 -4040 Sea Lily Bulbs Linen 2021-08-03
MeshMart Red Sea (Avaris) 2024, 1996 Blacksmithed Goods, Blown Glass, Basic mats Many Things! 2021-08-15
Happies Shop Bernike (Sharuhen) 3050, -940 CC, Cement, Stones, Thermometer, Glass, Flyrods Wood, Iron, Copper, Silt, Gravel 2021-08-16
KMart Koptos 795, -1724 Charcoal, Metal, Alloys Glass products, Wood, Lime, Potash 2021-08-04
Samruc's Alloy Shop Koptos 730, -1830 Alloys (duh!) Iron, Copper 2021-08-09
The Treasure Trove Meshwesh Delta (Tanis) 843, 7041 Veggies, Wine, Sheet Glass, Charcoal Pearls, Wood, Silt, and more. 2021-08-07
Gelat Market Bernike (Sharuhen) 3050 -1090 Gravel, Copper, Quartz, cc, smithed items Fertile papyrus, silt,compost,iron 2021-08-15
West Bank Trading Meshwesh (Tanis) 1111, 6991 Marble and Granite Gravel, Papyrus seeds 2021-08-25
Easy Mode Mart Meroe 70, -6940 Metals, Cloth Ores, Gravel, Flax 2021-09-05
MeshWesh Trading Post MeshWesh Delta (Tanis) 905, 6822 Metals, Ores, Pottery, Flax Items, Basics Various Items 2021-10-26