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Shop located at East Sinai 4300, 6700 - South of Tell Ed Daba
PUBLIC Raeli Mosaic with FREE samples for most colors

Iron For Sale

  • Selling 50 Iron for 10 coal
  • Selling 50 Iron for 475 Iron Ore

Beeswax for Sale!

  • 50 Papy Seeds or 25 Sterile Papy for 300 Beeswax
  • 10 Coal for 200 Beeswax
  • 1 Hairy Tooth or Nature's Jug Mushroom for 100 Beeswax
  • 100 Wood for 75 Beeswax


  • Public ovens Guilds/PKURFL4X/Raeli at locations Guilds/PKURFL4X/RaeliMap
  • 1 coal for 32 Tiles or
  • 5 copper for 32 Tiles or
  • 5 iron for 32 Tiles **Deal ends on 10/4** or
  • 15 Gravel/Papyrus Seeds for 32 Tiles or
  • 150 Wood for 32 Tiles
See Shop Map
Raeli Tiles Date added
T1 Alice Blue
T1 Amethyst
T1 Antique White
T1 Aqua
T1 Aquamarine
T1 Azure
T1 Baker Miller Pink
T1 Banana
T1 Barn Red
T1 Beet
T1 Beige
T1 Bisque
T1 Black
T1 Blanched Almond
T2 Blaze Orange
T2 Blue
T2 Blue Violet
T2 Boysenberry
T2 Bright Pink
T2 Brown
T2 Burgundy Red
T2 Burly Wood
T2 Burnt Sienna
T2 Burnt Umber
T2 Cadet Blue
T2 Cadmium Orange
T2 Cadmium Yellow
T2 Carrot
T3 Chartreuse
T3 Chocolate
T3 Cobalt Blue
T3 Cobalt Green
T3 Coral
T3 Cornflower Blue
T3 Cornsilk
T3 Crimson
T3 Dark Blue
T3 Dark Cyan
T3 Dark Golden Rod
T3 Dark Green
T3 Dark Grey
T3 Dark Jungle Green
T3 Dark Khaki
T3 Dark Magenta
T3 Dark Olive Green
T3 Dark Orange
T3 Dark Orchid
T3 Dark Red
T3 Dark Salmon
T3 Dark Scarlet
T3 Dark Sea Green
T3 Dark Sienna
T3 Dark Slate Blue
T3 Dark Slate Grey
T3 Dark Turquoise
T3 Dark Violet
T4 Deep Pink
T4 Deep Sky Blue
T4 Dim Grey
T4 Dodger Blue
T4 Duke Blue
T4 Eggshell White
T4 Emerald Green
T4 Feldspar
T4 Fire Brick
T4 Floral White
T4 Forest Green
T5 Fuchsia
T5 Gainsboro
T5 Ghost White
T5 Gold
T5 Golden Rod
T5 Green
T5 Green Yellow
T5 Grey
T5 Honey Dew
T5 Hot Pink
T5 Imperial Blue
T5 Indian Red
T5 Indigo
T5 Ivory
T5 Khaki
T5 Lavender
T5 Lavender Blush
T5 Lawn green
T5 Lemon Chiffon
T5 Licorice
T5 Light Blue
T5 Light Coral
T5 Light Cyan
T5 Light Golden Rod Yellow
T5 Light Green
T5 Light Grey
T5 Light Pink
T5 Light Salmon
T6 Light Sea Green
T6 Light Sky Blue
T6 Light Slate Blue
T6 Light Slate Grey
T6 Light Steel Blue
T6 Light Yellow
T6 Lime
T6 Lime Green
T6 Linen
T6 Maroon
T6 Medium Aqua Marine
T6 Medium Blue
T6 Medium Orchid
T6 Medium Purple
T7 Medium Sea Green
T7 Medium Slate Blue
T7 Medium Spring Green
T7 Medium Turquoise
T7 Medium Violet Red
T7 Melon
T7 Midnight Blue
T7 Mint Cream
T7 Misty Rose
T7 Moccasin
T7 Navajo White
T7 Navy
T7 Old Lace
T7 Olive
T8 Olive Drab
T8 Orange
T8 Orange Red
T8 Orchid
T8 Oxford Blue
T8 Pale Golden Rod
T8 Pale Green
T8 Pale Violet Red
T8 Pale Turquoise
T8 Papaya Whip
T8 Peach Puff
T8 Peacock
T9 Persian Indigo
T9 Persian Pink
T9 Peru
T9 Pink
T9 Plum
T9 Powder Blue
T9 Prussian Blue
T9 Purple
T9 Raw Sienna
T9 Red
T9 Red Devil
T9 Rich Black
T10 Rosy Brown
T10 Royal Blue
T10 Ruby Red
T10 Saddle Brown
T10 Salmon
T10 Sandy Brown
T10 Sangria
T10 Sap Green
T10 Sea Green
T10 Sea Shell
T10 Seal Brown
T10 Sienna
T11 Silver
T11 Sky Blue
T11 Slate Blue
T11 Slate Grey
T11 Smokey Black
T11 Snow
T11 Spring Green
T11 Steel Blue
T11 Steel Pink
T11 Tan
T11 Teal
T11 Thistle
Bldg 2 Tomato
Bldg 2 Turquoise
Bldg 2 Tyrian Purple
Bldg 2 Violet
Bldg 2 Violet Red
Bldg 2 Wheat
Bldg 2 White
Bldg 2 White Smoke
Bldg 2 Yellow
Bldg 2 Yellow Green
Bldg 2 Zaffre


Cut Gems

Section Cut Gem Pay with
Pay with
Papy seeds
E Cut Amethyst: Eyelet 3 45
C Cut Amethyst: Lens 2 30
D Cut Amethyst: Looking Glass 2 30
E Cut Amethyst: Symmetry 2 30
A Cut Citrine: Dragyn's Eye 30 450 Chat us to pay with mix
of water mine cuttables
E Cut Citrine: Dalessi 2 40
B Cut Citrine: Eyelet 3 45
D Cut Garnet: Amanti 2 30
C Cut Garnet: Lens 2 30
D Cut Garnet: Looking Glass 2 30
B Cut Garnet: Eyelet 3 45
E Cut Jade: Amanti 2 60
E Cut Jade: Choronzon 8 120
D Cut Jade: Looking Glass 3 45
E Cut Jade: Khufu's ship 6 90
E Cut Lapis: Eyelet 3 45
A Cut Lapis: The Shark 5 75
C Cut Turquoise: Lens 2 30
E Cut Turquoise: Symmetry 2 30
E Cut Turquoise: Eyelet 3 45
C Cut Turquoise: Hile's Chevrons 3 45
A Cut Sunstone: Crater 8 120 Chat us to pay with mix
of water mine cuttables
E Cut Sunstone: Eyelet 3 45
B Cut Sunstone: Hile's Chevrons 3 45
B Cut Sunstone: Full Eye 10 150 Chat us to pay with mix
of water mine cuttables
A Cut Sunstone: Ra's Lantern 45 675* If pay by gravel/papy seeds
or mix of water mine cuttables, please chat us
E Cut Sunstone: Symmetry 2 30


  • Cut Gem Test Kit - Chat us
    • Pathmaker Kit (9 cut gems): 40 water mine cuttables or 600 gravel/papy seeds
  • Need other cuts? Chat us Refer to Cut Gems page for rarity reference
    • 2 water mine cuttables or 30 gravel/papy seeds or 400 iron/copper ore for lens, symmetry, amanti
    • 3 water mine cuttables or 45 gravel/papy seeds or 500 iron/copper ore for "all"/"common" rarity
    • 30 water mine cuttables or 450 gravel/papy seeds for Dragyn's Eye

Odds and Ends

  • 12 wood for 10 medium stones
  • 100 wood for 100 soda
  • 15 copper for 1 pinch roller