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Pilgrim shrine requirements

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Pilgrim shrines cost 7x the amount of tithe requested, plus 7 pieces of a Decorative Stone. The type of marble varies by tithe type. On to the important part, the marbles list. Not in alphabetical order until sorted because I *still* don't feel like it.

Marble Table

Marble Type Offering
OSM Animal Bones
White Alabaster Ash
Blood Granite Hairy Tooth
Hornet's Wing Granite Beef
Rose Alabaster Beeswax
Yellow Alabaster Boards
Tangerine Marble Bricks
Island Blue Marble Cabbage
Fire Rock Cactus Sap
Night Granite Candle
White Travertine Canvas
Green Sun Marble Carrot
Ghost Granite Charcoal
Night Granite Clay
Rose Alabaster Coal
Rose Alabaster Coconuts
Blood Granite Compost
Serpentine Marble Dates
Rose Alabaster Dried Papyrus
Grey Star Marble Dung
White Alabaster Eggplant
Tangerine Marble Firebricks
Fire Rock Flint
Green Sun Garlic
White Travertine Jugs
Blood Granite Leather
Mountain Marble Lime
Rose Alabaster Linen
Yellow Alabaster Lint
Night Granite Medium Stone
Blood Granite Nails
White Travertine Palm Frond
Blue Pearl Onion
White Travertine Fertile Papyrus
Blue Pearl Papyrus Basket
Mud Granite Pepper
Blood Granite Pulley
Fire Rock Rope
Blood Granite Rotten Flax
Canary Granite Salt
Onyx Saltpeter
Tiger's Eye Silk cloth
Onyx Silt
Blue Pearl Slate
Yellow Alabaster Strange Stone (LOL)
OSM Thread
OSM Wood
Blood Granite Wool