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The Wiki has a new extension that adds a "verification system" to help track changes between Wikis/tales.

Usage and How It Works

Simple Version

Two new tags have been created to mark information as "verified" or "unverified" in a way that is similar to how previous Wikis handled things. To mark a piece of information as "verified", simply add a <v /> tag next to it. Similarly, to mark a piece of information as "unverified", simply add a <uv /> tag next to it. Every page will attempt to estimate how thoroughly verified the entire page is based on the usage of these tags throughout so you can get a rough idea of the quality of any given page.

Detailed Version

As mentioned above, most tagging can be accomplished simply with the <v /> and <uv /> tags. However, there are a few more advanced features that can be used by power users.


Firstly, the <v /> and <uv /> tags can be wrapped around text in order to highlight a chunk of text in the event that a simple icon doesn't mark a piece of information clearly enough. An example would be to mark a sentence as "verified" by replacing the simple <v /> tag by instead writing <v>This text is verified</v>. The two options will display as follows:

  • This text is verified
  • This text is verified
  • ?This text is unverified
  • This text is unverified


If you really want to micromanage the verification percentage displayed in the top right of the page, you can "weight" <v /> and <uv /> tags based on how much information they cover. For example, if a single piece of information covers 4 times as much information as other tags on the page, you could flag that information <v w="4" /> which will weight it appropriately when calculating the page's verification percentage.

Fully Verified Pages

If you want to flag a page as being fully verified but don't see the need to pepper in <v /> icons throughout the page, you can instead add a <fully-verified /> or <all-verified /> tag anywhere on the page. This will override any other verification tags on the page and mark the page as "Fully Verified".

Disabling/Ignoring Verification

If you want to disable the display of the verification box for a given page, such as on the Main Page, you can add a <disable-verification /> or <no-verification /> tag anywhere on the page to ignore all other verification tags on the page.