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Everything fish oriented  +
The quality of your pole is always considered one higher  +
Less chance that your lure will be lost  +
Adds the ability to gather insects offline - random insects are generated based on rarity  +
Increases the amount of roe generated  +
Increase the sizes of your catches  +
Construction of buildings  +
Increases the number of cells you can add to a compound by 14 cells  +
Permanent [[Eastern Meditation|Eastern Meditation]] skill  +
Unlocks the [[Compound|Town House]] style of compounds  +
Allows the construction of a [[Basic House]]  +
Beer brewing  +
More barley when harvesting  +
Cheaper barrel construction  +
Your beer lasts longer  +
More wheat when harvesting  +
Your beer barrels yield more servings  +
Wood, boards, carving  +
Unique storage building that can hold up to one million wood  +
10% chance of cutting two boards with one piece of wood  +