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Scroll of Wisdom

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Scroll of Wisdom
Scroll of Wisdom
Weight 1
Bulk 1


Taking them to the University of Progress reduces the number of research points required for the future technologies. It also provides the system message:

  • Future research requirements have been lowered as a result

From System channel on Oct. 10, 2021:

Greetings. This is The Stranger. I've been elsewhere lately, but I had time to peek in and see what has been going on in my absense.
I have to say, you have definitely come out on top this time. Why, with this many scrolls, you will easily be able to complete technology for months!
I think it's time to stir the pot a bit.
I offer you the first Stranger's Bargain. I have opened your minds to the true Wisdom of the Scrolls. Each may now be consumed for a Talent Point. There are no limits to the number of scrolls you may consume this way.
As with all of my Bargains, there is a price. I just may not extract it yet, or ever. But I am watching. Good luck, Egypt.

And a bit later:

The collective Houses have announced that due to the sudden increase in scroll demand, price has increased to three major awards.


Scrolls of Wisdom have been found on the shelves of Laboratories in the past. It appears to be possible for a single lab to have multiple scrolls on its shelves.

Scrolls of Wisdom can also be purchased with two Major House Reward Points (see Dailies).

They have sometimes been awarded as event prizes.


  • They are not complex items and thus stack in an inventory.
  • Laboratory/5 had two scrolls when we found them.
  • It is not yet known if they are a part of the Temptation aspect of this tale, and thus a trap set by The Stranger, or if their use is exclusively beneficial by the reduction in necessary laboratories needed to research future technologies.