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Re Autogen of the Building Page

  • Issue: Page not auto-populating

This does not seem to be working or it has lost something in the non-port from T7-T8. A lot of items are missing and are being manually added even though the bottom description says "In future, this list should be automatically generated from all the building pages".

  1. If it is WAI then perhaps a forced update would be in order?
  2. If it is not-WAI and there are issues with the base pages perhaps some indicator of what needs to be altered. Much of what exists has lots of borked or broken linkages.
  3. If it is not-WAI then perhaps a change to the format could be made for manual updates?
  • Issue: The One Massive Table format

If the page is auto populated then the layout isn't a problem because there should be no need for a manual entry but if you need to edit a subsection and do a "preview" the result is less than a preview because there is no header for the subsection. Without a header you cannot tell if you have the table layout correct.

Zhukuram (talk) 17:05, 10 July 2018 (IST)