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I believe that this page would be greatly improved upon if we were to separate entries that are categories of resources (Herbs, Ores, Vegetables, Insects, etc) from entries that are actual, on-the-ground, pick-me-up resources. Perhaps we would first have a single, simple table of these categories, with descriptions as the entries exist now; and then the physical resource list, referring to the aforementioned categories when relevant. That list might even benefit from a separate Category column for such purposes, which would of course be blank for resources with no such parent category (bricks, et al).

If, as I suspect, the resource tree is complicated enough that there exist categories that themselves are categorized (I believe that some children of the category Tools might qualify), then we can simply include a Category field in the categories list itself. But my goal would be to separate conceptual resources from actual (tangible? collectible?) ones. The page opens with "these are things that you can pick up". But you can't pick up a vegetable; you can only pick up an onion.

- Xaxyx