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Test of Marriage

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The Test of Marriage
The Test of Marriage
(Test - Worship)


Test Description

Marriage in Egypt is a private affair. A man and woman, two women, or two men, each who has been in the land for at least 24 hours should find an altar. One spouse place a medium diamond on the left focus, the other places one on the right. Five close friends witness the marriage by meditating at the altar. Points for a marriage are the number of weeks of that marriage times the number of Tests that your spouse passed during the marriage. Your marriage score is the sum of points for such marriages.

Couples are aware of each other's accomplishments, may use each other's possessions, AND MAY EVEN LOG IN AS ONE ANOTHER. Divorce in Egypt is quick and easy.


The Test of Marriage is perhaps the easiest challenge you will have. Be forewarned, however: A spouse can use and dispose of your goods as they see fit, and can even log in as you!

  • Witness a Wedding (This awards a Talent Point) (NOTE: Getting married counts as witnessing a wedding)
  • Introduce yourself to a potential mate
  • Have a potential mate introduce themselves
  • Gain the most points of those who have not yet passed the test -- 6 tp

Additional Information

The Test of Marriage is the third test in the discipline of Worship.

Being married allows your spouse to:

  • Instantly warp to your location without using Travel Time. (If you are offline, they travel to your last location.)
  • Freely access your personal buildings (guilded buildings are still subject to your own membership and access levels rather than your spouse's membership and access levels).
  • Log into your avatar through the Utilities menu, and play as you with no limitations or restrictions, other than being unable to access the billing menu and password functions.

Before you rush off to the altar, remember:

  • You must have passed the initiation to the discipline of Worship.
  • You must first pick up the test from the University of Worship.
  • You can marry again even if you have already passed the Test of Marriage with another partner. You will not be able to pick up the Test tab again at [UWor], but you do not need it. ~Sharae
  • Even though the test description lists a requirement for being a citizen for 24 hours it does not seem to be a requirement.
  • Completing a marriage ceremony as a bride/groom participant also satisfies the requirement of witnessing a marriage. [this does not appear to be true any longer]
  • As of T4, gender is irrelevant.

Marriage Ceremony

At a Common Altar:

  • One person should clear the altar of any items, and meditate at it in order to clear and reset any previous interactions with it.
  • The first partner places a Medium Diamond on the left focus (the statue's left hand)
  • The second partner places a Medium Diamond on the right focus (the statue's right hand)
  • Five witnesses click on the altar and choose to 'meditate'. The witnesses all need to meditate within a few seconds of each other, else it may be necessary to restart the ceremony.
    • The couple themselves do not meditate as part of the ceremony.

If you hear music, the ceremony was a success. If something goes wrong, just clear the items and the altar, and try again. Remember to take the diamonds back when you're done!

Note: If the bride or groom have been married before (and closed their Test of Marriage principles tab) they need to go sign up for the test again or the ceremony will not work.


Marriages are easy to cancel, should circumstances require it. Perhaps your spouse has quit the game, or maybe you no longer trust them. Maybe you're looking to pass the test and they're not being helpful. Or maybe you've met somebody else you like or work with better.

Either partner may end a marriage at any time through an option available at an Essence of Harmony. Divorce is a completely unilateral decision; the other partner's consent, knowledge or presence is not required.


You accumulate points equal to the product of the following amounts:

  • The current length of the marriage (in TeppyWeeks).
  • The total number of tests passed by your spouse since the marriage began.

Thus, if a marriage has lasted 8 weeks, and in that time Spouse A has passed 3 tests and the Spouse B has passed 2, Spouse A will have 8x2=16 points, while Spouse B will have 8x3=24 points.

Your personal marriage score is the sum of the scores of all the marriages you have been in so far.

NOTE: While no one has given us a new description the above is no longer accurate. Passing score as of late Tale 10 are about 30,000. This is simply not possible within the scheme of "tests x weeks".

Passing the Test

Each week, the two individuals with the highest personal score pass the Test of Marriage.

See Test Pass History.