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Test of the Humble Priests

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The Test of the Humble Priests
The Test of the Humble Priests
(Test - Worship)
Other Requirements


Humble yourself before five different Egyptian gods. Those gods that would have you will make themselves known. You must become part of a Devotional Group to a specific God, and complete a challenging ritual.

Test Description

Humble yourself before five of twelve gods. The faithful will not choose their gods - rather, the gods will choose them. Begin by performing a Ritual of Humility, by yourself, at a common altar. Place candles on the left and right pillars, signifying enlightenment. Place a small diamond on the left focus to provide clarity, and a jug of water on the right focus, showing purity of spirit. Light the candles in the order placed. Further instruction will come to those enlightened.

  • Note, as in the usual format for "common altar instructions", references to "left and right" are interpreted as if the altar is a player. It is 'their' left and right, and when standing in front of the altar, you are facing them. For clarity, some players view the altar from the back of the statue so that the left and right matches what the player sees.

Test overview

  • Each player needs to perform a ritual for each of five Gods, given at Test start,
  • A ritual is performed by a group of five priests,
  • When a group is created, the five priests are given numbers in the order they join the group (Priests 1–5), and they have different responsibilities in the ritual later,
  • Every ritual is roughly the same, with some details being specific to the God, and some details being determined by who formed the group, the "First Priest", or "p1".

This is a simplified versinon of what happens:

1. Requirements gathering

  • A group of five priests forms to figure out who has doable requirements as First Priest. This can take about one hour and can be done long before the actual ritual. Visions for priests 1-4 need to be combined to figure out the details for this First Priest, and not all First Priests are doable!

2. The ritual

  • Incense and Moss are gathered, together with some expendables for the ritual,
  • The group gathers at an Altar for this God,
  • Priest 1 burns stuff on the altar,
  • Priest 2 performs a little ritual at a Common Altar,
  • Priest 3 performs five emotes,
  • Priest 4 crumbles a moss in a "holy" place given by the God (clay, mushroom...),
  • Priest 5 recites a blessing.

This is all that is needed to satisfy that God.

When all five Gods on the test list are satisfied, a player may choose, once and for all, a blessing to perform once per day on another player from any of the Gods satisfied. Popular blessings are those for Heket, Amun and Ptah.

Guilds devoted to the Humble Priests rituals


In Principles of the Humble Priests, you will complete the Guiding Ritual of Humility, and form a Devotional Group.

  • Candle on the Left Pillar of an Altar
  • Candle on the Right Pillar
  • Small Diamond on the Left Focus
  • Water on the Right Focus
  • Light the Left Candle
  • Light the Right Candle
  • Meditate, with all steps having been done in order
  • Join or form a Devotional Group

Determining Your Gods

Stand behind the altar and look toward it so that your right and left are the same as the altar's right and left.

  1. Place a candle on the left pillar
  2. Place a candle on the right pillar
  3. Place a small diamond on the left focus (plate in left hand of statue)
  4. Place a water in jugs on the right focus (plate in right hand of statue)
  5. Light the left pillar candle
  6. Light the right pillar candle
  7. Meditate 

If you did the ritual correctly, you'll get a vision telling you which five gods you need to please. Otherwise, you can remove the items from the altar, meditate to clear the altar and then try the ritual again. The gods don't change if you redo the ritual. Once the ritual is complete, you can check the assigned gods via Tests->Test of the Humble Priests->Show My Progress. Note: The ritual will consume both candles.

Forming a Devotional Group

Devotional Groups require five players that have been assigned the same god. Players who already completed the test or a devotional group for a specific god can redo the groups to help other players.

Once you assemble a group of five players, one person should form the group via Tests->Test of the Humble Priests->Form a Devotional Group. Each of the other four players then have to click on the first player and ask to join the group. You are each assigned a priest number in the order that you joined.

Once the group is complete, all five players will receive popups with slightly different instructions. Use the clipboard button to record the instructions as the popups windows will eventually auto close.

The first section of each popup is identical for all five priests and just lists the steps for the ritual. The second section starts with "special instructions here" and differs from priest to priest.

Each god requires slightly different items for their ritual but all humble priest groups will need incense and moss.

The specific type of incense and moss, as well as the emote sequence and blessing of humility, is determined by the priest (priest 1) who formed the devotional group. If the popup instructions require incense or moss that is unavailable, then disband the group and have a different player form a new group. There is no harm or time limit to disbanding and forming humble priest groups so many different players can test their requirements one after the other. If you get stuck, use the link at the bottom of this page to look for 'easy priests'.

Figuring out the ritual for a group

A group consists of five priests, the former of the group is number 1, or the "First Priest". All details of the ritual are based on who is the first priest, regardless of who is priest 2–5. This means that it is possible to document the whole ritual for each "First Priest" here on the wiki and prepare incense, moss, order of the emotes ("dancing") and the prayer in advance. All five priests can use the "Copy to Clipboard" button on the popup and paste it into the appropriate part of a wiki page.

You can use this template to create new pages for gods and first priests:

HP/First Priest Template

When the ritual has been figured out, it can be copied to the table near the bottom of this page. This includes analyzing the prayer requirements, finding exactly one prayer that will work and also see if the prayer requirements are actually possible to fulfill (for example, Orchid has an impossible prayer requirements list for Nut this tale).

Performing the Ritual

Each priest performs specific steps. Once you have determined who will be priest one and have the moss, incense and other items needed for the ritual, then you should decide which priests will do the other steps and have them join the group in the proper order. Travel to a humble priest altar for you god and verify that there is a Windproof Incense Burner at the altar.

Priest One

1. Priest One forms the group.

Once the group is assembled and all materials are collected, wait until all five priests are within a few steps of the altar, then:

2. Click on the altar and light the flame of humility.

3. Light the incense. It is not necessary to get a whiff of the incense before moving to the next task.

Incense has five attributes: quality, adjective, positive stat, negative stat, and scent. The gods will give you a requirement for three of these attributes - the other two attributes can be anything (e.g. a requirement of "Quality 245+, speed enhancing, giddy feeling" would be fulfilled by an incense of 300 quality, clove scent, giddy feeling, speed enhancing, forgetfulness inducing). Moss similarly can have multiple stats (dry, fuzzy, slimy, reticulated, etc.), but the Gods only require two specific ones - any extra attributes are fine.

4. Click on the altar and make your sacrifice.

The items you sacrifice will be consumed and "sacrificial ashes" will show up in your inventory. Be quick because there's a limited time to complete all those steps.

5. Hand "Sacrificial Ashes" to priest two.

Priest Two

Priest two...

1. ...waits until they receive the sacrificial ashes from the first priest and then...

2. ...travels to a nearby Common Altar to perform a ceremony.

There's no time limit for performing a ceremony but it's quicker if you visit the altar before the groups starts and set waypoints. Travel via waypoints, expedition points or spousewarp won't affect the ceremony.

Once priest two is at the altar:

3. Stand behind it and face toward it so that your right side is the same as the statue's right side.

4. Place a candle on the left pillar

5. Place a candle on the right pillar.

6. Put item one (see chart below) on the left focus

7. Put item two on the right focus.

8. Light the right candle

9. Light the left candle.

Note that you are lighting the candles in reverse order of how you placed them.

10. Click on the common altar and sprinkle the sacrificial ashes on it.

11. Extinguish the right candle

12. Extinguish the left candle.

13. Meditate on the altar.

If you did the ceremony correctly, you'll get a small popup window giving you a vision of five priests at an altar. You can now safely remove the items from the focus and return to the group. If you made any mistakes, you won't get the vision and you'll have to retrieve the items from the altar, meditate on it to clear it, then travel back to the group and start all over again.

Priest Three

When the group was first formed, the third priest should have received special instructions listing five emotes to be done in a specific order. The five emotes are 'Command me from Heaven', 'Take my Blood', 'Show me mercy', 'Enter my Soul', 'Share my Joy' but the order they need to be done will vary based on the first priest.

Priest three has to wait until priest two returns from the ceremony at the common altar. Then you have to perform the five emotes (via self->Emote) in the correct order. If the emotes are done in the wrong order or if any of the other priests do any emotes, the group will fail and have to reform and start over.

Priest Four

Priest four has to wait until priest three finishes all his or her emotes, then travel to a location satisfying the specific god (see table below) and crumble the moss (via Tests->Worship -> Tests of the Humble Priest->Crumble Moss). If you crumble the moss at the wrong location or crumble more than one moss, the group will fail and have to start over. It's important for priest four to check their inventory prior to crumbling the moss. If they crumble the moss correctly, the amount of moss in inventory will decrease by one. Do not crumble a second moss.

Priest Five

Priest five has to wait until priest four returns from crumbling the moss, then performs the blessing of humility (via Tests->Test of the Humble Priest->Recite a Blessing of Humility).

The blessing is made up of phrases given to the other priests in the special instructions section of their popups and has to be assembled from those phrases. The other priests will be told the blessing "should contain at least one of these phrases" (followed by one or more phrases) and "will be insulted by these phrases" (followed by one or more phrases). Only pick one phrase from each priest and verify that the phrase is not included in the insult section. The combined blessing should be copied so that it can be pasted during the ceremony. It's a good idea to work out the blessing prior to starting the ceremony and paste it into main so the other priests can all confirm it. Do not add any punctuation to the blessing. Capitalization doesn't matter.

End of Ritual

If you performed the entire ritual correctly, you'll get a popup indicating success. If you fail at any step, you'll get a popup that the god wasn't pleased. This means you'll have to reform the group and start again. Each try will use up one incense and may also use one sacrificial item, one moss, and two candles (if you got that far). It's a good idea to bring several of each to a ritual ceremony.

When you have completed a devotion to all five of your Gods, you may seek the blessing of one of those Gods. This choice can only be made once and cannot be changed. When a God has blessed you, you have the power to bless another person, once per day.

Attribute modifications seem to stack with grilled fish, incense, and tower bonuses, and last about 1 hour.

Table of Gods

Some parts of the devotion are always the same for a god - the sacrifice and the Ritual of Humility. Incense, moss, and the Blessing of Humility required are dependent on the first priest.

God Sacrificial Item Left focus Right focus Where the moss should be crumbled Has Blessing Test Reward Blessings
Amun 49 Onions Gold Silver On or by a citizen that has not passed any initiations electra, Floreta +3 focus, one extra veggie seed per blessing
Geb 7 flint Silt Clay On dirt +3 speed
Hathor 1 wine (10%+ alc) Female rabbit Hen Near a Ceremonial Tasting Table No stat increase, 10 glasses per bottle of wine
Heket 7 tadpole Egg Tadpole Near a wild-growing mushroom Ashen, Flowbar, blondie, Rey, beetlebrow x2 shroom harvest
Maat 1 Ibis feather Camel milk Honey Voting booth +3 perception
Nut 7 Star Medium Diamond Medium Sapphire On top of a Mountain Creates a Night Emitter which turns day into night for a limited time only (60–90 minutes?)
Ptah 7 jug Charcoal Copper Wire On Clay +3 str, gather 2 clay per click/water (also gives two flint on flint spots)
Set 7 glass rod Cactus sap Sand spore By a pyramid +1 foc and a one time Push of all limestone blocks within ~10 coords
Sobek 7 Abdju Meat Leather Iron While riding a ferry +3 dex
Tayet 7 clay lamp Canvas Linen On grass near water +3 end, half weave time
Tefnut 7 salt Water in jug Pepper seed Aqueduct +3 con
Thoth 7 papy seed Papy paper Ink Nile bank where papyrus can be grown Kek unknown

Tips for Devotions

Checklist of things to do before starting:

  • Choose a Humble Priest altar near any other requirements, if possible (e.g. water you can ferry across for Sobek).
  • Check that there is a Windproof Incense Burner at the Humble Priest altar and that it is publicly usable (many of them have them already).
  • Locate a common altar for Priest 2.
    • Priest 2 might want to set a nav point there. (Consider clearing the common altar before the ceremony just in case.)
  • Gather your materials (enough for several attempts in case things go wrong):
    • Incense (each attempt uses one)
    • Moss (each attempt uses one)
    • Foci materials for your god (reusable - see chart above)
    • Candles (each attempt uses two)
    • Sacrifice materials (see chart above)
  • Arrange a means of coordinating between the priests - you need to tell one another when you're done on a particular part of the ritual.


List of Altars originally came from T6 wiki. Where T8 region names have been noted, the Altar has been found in T8 and updated. ***ALL NEED REVERIFICATION FOR T9***

T8 Region or [T6 Region] Location God Incense Burner? Notes
Philae 730, -1880 Hathor No Near Koptos CS; Common Altar nearby at 700, -1823 wine table at 867, -1736 - Also one @ 836 -1938
Akhetaton -709, 2427 Hathor No Found for T6 On Rock, 340' Elevation
Kharga Oasis -721, 3175 Geb no
Dakhla Oasis -1625, 2518 Hathor No common altar at -1614, -2519 (t8)
Akhetaton -1031, 2267 See note NO HP ALTAR HERE
Dakhla Oasis -1428, 2180 Tayet No common altar at -1105, 2239
Buhen -2071,-387 See note NO HP ALTAR HERE
Dakhla Oasis -1453, 2768 Tefnut no common altar: -1471, 2758 (t6)--<<<NO common altar there
Naqada 2188, 2685 Sobek no Common Altar: 2216, 2450
Naqada 2587, 2200 Sobek no Grass (T6)
Red Sea 2442, 1892 Maat No common altar @ 2256,1835 . Voting booth at : 2421, 1942.
Red Sea 1993, 1848 Amun No common altar at 1939, 1755 (T8) or CS altar
Bernike 2134, -963 Amun NO common altar : 2071,-577
Meshwesh Delta 1120, 6908 Tayet No common altar at: 1132, 7174 or cs altar . water nearby. (6)
Meshwesh Delta 827, 7365 Nut No common altar at: 789, 7529 (t8) or 826, 7140—mountaintop 813,7382
Meshwesh Delta 1069, 7565 Nut No Right on Mediterranean, by an orchard; Common Altar at: 986, 7661
Meshwesh Delta 373, 7026 Geb No dirt at site; two common altars within 300 coords
Giza 702, 6489 Thoth No common altar at: 297,6188. Papyrus: Nile, near HP altar at: 876, 6513 or near Tanis cs (899, 6904)
Nabta Playa -1695, 4944 Thoth no
Swenett 1276, -1310 Thoth No common altar at 1397, -1271 (t8) HP altar not too far from Nile for papy location (Swenett U Arch?)
Swenett 872, -745 Geb no altar 806 -921 (T8)
South Sinai 2837, 5918 Thoth no
Asyut 1865, 2679 Sobek No
Wadi Natrun -1232,7486 See note common altar at -1594, 7572 ----NO Humble Priest ALTAR HERE
Bahariya Oasis -1450, 5936 See note NO HP ALTAR HERE
Cyrene -768,7598 Ptah No Common Altar @ -791, 7475 (T8), Clay at HP altar
Lahun -667,5333 Set No
Arsinoe 2080, 6056 Hathor No Common Altars at 2114,6053. Wine Tasting Table: 2080, 6041.
Asyut 1666, 2434 Set No common altar 1695, 2498(t8). Pyramid: 717, 2186 or closer to cs 1807, 2085 (smaller test pyras work).
Damot 4939, -2573 Sobek No
Damot 4800, -2091 Hathor No
Damot 4835, -1736 Geb No
Damot 4656, -1789 Thoth No common altar @ 5071,-2000
Damot 4310, -2073 Ptah No
Damot 4191, -2107 Heket No
Blue Nile 803, -8050 Nut No
Blue Nile 431, -7466 Set No Common altar at : 427,-7115. Pyramid : -147, -7617.
Blue Nile 587, -7777 Tefnut No Common altar at 676, -7816. Aqueduct pump: 807, -6700.
Blue Nile 750, -7439 Nut No [T6 - Common altar at 790, -7469; mountain top at 613, -7673]
Kerma -1847, -1129 Sobek No Common altar at -1722, -1172. Public use ferry at -1838, -1365 & -1799, -1152.
Kerma -2443, -734 Set No
Buhen -1990, -654 Heket No
Buhen -2168, -380 Tefnut No
Buhen -1591, -678 Heket No
Cyrene -1592, 7659 Ptah No
Dakhla Oasis -1941, 2661 Amun No common altar at -1614, 2519
Dakhla Oasis -1609, 2885 Tayet No common altar @ Kharga oasis -1342,3046
West Kush 543,-4216 Maat No
Meroe Desert 98, -8041 Tayet No
Meroe Desert 65, -7906 Geb No
Nubia 2057, -7667 Hathor No
Nubia 1176, -7733 Set No Common Altar: 1322, -7350; baby pyramids at spiral nearby
West Kush 380, -3683 Nut No common altar : 342, -3675
East Kush 1601, -3647 Amun No
Swenett 1837, -857 Heket No common altar at 2071, -577 (2ish-3ish am—Acorns at 1639, -1017); grass (T6)
Swenett 1743, -498 Ptah No clay by HP altar, Common Altars: 1641,-521(closest) or 1982, -373
East Kush 1529,-3965 Heket No
Swenett 904, -582 Heket No
Zau -462, 7718 Tefnut no common altar @ -606, 7696
Arsinoe 2786, 4736 Ptah No



Amun:Light Blue

Geb: Brown


Heket: Red



Ptah: Light Orange

Set: Grey

Sobek: Light Blue

Tayet: Pink

Tefnut: Tan

Thoth: Yellow

Starred marker: altars with Incense burners

Player Gods

(X) Player can be a priest for this god

Player Amun Geb Hathor Heket Maat Nut Ptah Set Sobek Tayet Tefnut Thoth

First priests

God First priest Incense Moss Prayer Emotes/Dancing