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Test of the Library of Alexandria

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The Test of the Library of Alexandria
The Test of the Library of Alexandria
(Test - Architecture)
Other Requirements


Build a Library and convince others to fill it with their knowledge. Those libraries that amass the most books shall be collectively known as the Libraries of Alexandria.

Test Description

You begin the Test of the Library of Alexandria. Build your Library, and convince scholars to fill your shelves with unique tomes.

Different Library Books have a different quality and will score more highly in different locations. Have the greatest library of all time to pass the test


  • Build a Library - 1 Talent Point ?
  • Have the greatest Lobby - 1 Talent Point ?
  • Have the greatest Contemplation Basin - 2 Talent Point ?
  • Have the greatest Meditation Platform - 3 Talent Point ?
  • Have the greatest Scholar's Atheneum - 4 Talent Point ?
  • Have the greatest Reading Terrace - 5 Talent Point ?
  • Have the greatest Professor's Retreat - 6 Talent Point ?
  • Have the greatest Rare Book Section - 7 Talent Point ?

Library Cost

Built in a Medium Construction Site.


Upgrades must be built in order, ie, a Contemplation Basin must be built first, followed by a Meditation Platform and so on. Note: Books can still be added if the Library is in the process of being upgraded.

BEWARE This building is MASSIVE once fully upgraded and the reposition option for each lvl is tied too the original build point. Make sure you have ample room surrounding your library before you start.

Library of Alexandria with all upgrades

Contemplation Basin - Capacity 100

Meditation Platform - Capacity 75

Scholar's Atheneum - Capacity 50

Reading Terrace - Capacity 30

Professor's Retreat - Capacity 10

Rare Book Section - Capacity 5

Books for your Library

In progress, see Discord Dump below for overview


Each week, the library with the most points for each wing advances. To pass the test, advance all seven wings of your library

Malard Discord Dump

Okay, so i will explain how stuff works
So the library itself is unchanged in terms of you build it
but now you must pass the test by having the best of each wing
lobby = 1tp, scholar's atheneum = 4 tp's
rare book section = 7
so very good rewards
each wing can hold a finite amount of books
that you as the owner of the library put in, other players don't put them in themselves
lobby has 200 books, rare book section holds just 25
the book you add will have a quality rating, this is based on how well it was crafted in the first place
the score you get for adding the book is based on different factors. Namely how unique is it
Books from the same faction members will suffer a 1/25th penalty for each book already in that wing for that faction
Books from the same author will suffer a 1/2 penalty for each book already in that wing for that author
and Books from the same region will suffer a 1/4 penalty for each book already in that wing for the same region
so basically the first book you put in a wing will always score 100%
but follow up books quite possibly will score less, and if you keep trying to put in crap books they will score less and less
you get to see the score the book will be worth before adding it to the wing.
Books are tradable until they are put into the library.
Quality of book you create is based on the materials that you put into it when crafting it. The more pages and the better quality  
the better
than the better the quality cord you use to tie the leaves together (hence linen cord)
the better the quality of the cover material
and the better the foil material
there are lots of options, each option can have a positive warping effect on the quality of the book
once you've made a blank book, you or someone else can take it to a region and author it, it takes 10 minutes
and 1/3rd the quality of the book in ink and a quill
the ink is consumed
each week, the best wing wins, so there are 7 awards a week
and you can compete in all of them at the same time
btw, authoring a book takes 10 minutes
where you can do nothing else
except chat