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Test of the Obelisk

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The Test of the Obelisk
The Test of the Obelisk
(Test - Architecture)

Desert Obelisk

Cut Stone Obelisk

Metallic Obelisk

Marble Obelisk

Crystal Obelisk

Hardwood Obelisk

Heavenly Obelisk

Test Description

Advance as an Architect by building the largest obelisk across Egypt.

Obelisk Types

Task List

Passing the Test

Construct the tallest, and gain power with all 7 obelisk types.

Hints & Tips

  • Before building, meditate on to see the current heights of each of the types of obelisks.
    • Self -> Tests... -> Architecture... -> Test of the Obelisk -> Meditate on Obelisks
  • You may not Disassemble or Tear Down your obelisk if it currently 'holds power'.
  • While your obelisk is in the process of passing, you have the option to disassemble it without getting your materials back.


  • If your type of obelisk is overbuilt, you may Disassemble or Tear Down within the time frame of being overbuilt until the new highest obelisk passes the test.
    • Utility -> Tear Down
  • You may or may not decide to sign up in a queue to build and avoid an obelisk war of continual overbuilding.