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Test of the Obelisk

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The Test of the Obelisk
The Test of the Obelisk
(Test - Architecture)
Other Requirements


Advance as an Architect by building the largest Obelisk.

Test Description

The test of the Obelisk requires that you build the largest Obelisk of each kind.

You must exceed the current largest Obelisk by at least a single cubit. Also, you must retain the title of largest Obelisk for at least 2 days 8 hours Duck Time.

By meditating on Obelisks (Tests Menu), you can sense what the various kinds of obelisks are, and the heights of the Obelisks that came before.


One Talent Point is received for each Obelisk which holds for the required time.

Rules for passing the Test of the Obelisk

  • You must have learned Obelisk Construction skill from the University of Architecture
  • To pass, you must build the tallest obelisk of each type. Your obelisk must be at least one cubit higher than any other obelisk of the same type.
  • Before building, click Self -> Tests... -> Architecture... -> Test of the Obelisk -> Meditate on Obelisks to see the current heights of each of the types of obelisks.
  • You must retain the title of largest Obelisk for at least 2 days 8 hours Duck Time.
  • You may or may not decide to sign up in a queue to build and avoid an obelisk war of continual overbuilding.
  • When the Obelisk passes, a notification will be given (along with a Talent Point). The obelisk will then show the text 'This Obelisk achieved its goal'


Disassembling or Tearing Down your Obelisk

  • You may not Disassemble or Utility -> Tear Down if yours is the tallest and 'holds power'.
  • While your obelisk is in the process of passing, you have the option to disassemble it without getting your materials back.


  • If your type of obelisk is overbuilt, you may Disassemble or Utility -> Tear Down in the time frame of being overbuilt until the new highest obelisk passes the test.

Talent Points

Each type of Obelisk you build which holds power for the required amount of time gives one Talent Point

Types of Obelisks

Desert Obelisk
Metallic Obelisk
Obelisk Construction Level Obelisk Type
1 Desert
2 Cut Stone
3 Metallic
4 Marble
5 Crystal
6 Hardwood
7 Heavenly

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