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Test of the Safari

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The Test of the Safari
The Test of the Safari
(Test - Natural Philosophy)

Use your mind and body to capture seven species of Egyptian wildlife. You must capture and release four of each creature.

Test Description

In the Test of the Safari you will learn to track and capture seven species of Egyptian fauna. Each species has unique behaviors and tracking methods, and each must be accomplished four times. More information about each species can be found here.

Tracking Falcons
To identify a Falcon Roost, drop a rabbit. A falcon will take it sometime within the next 5 minutes (but never within the first minute), and will fly off toward the nearest roost. Trees may be checked for roosts, but doing so is exhausting! If you are particularly close to the falcon's tree, you may receive a false directional report (received false direction at 35 coords away from target tree 19/11/2019).
Tracking Fennecs
Build a Fennec trap using boards and rope. Each night, traps on the outskirts of a pack will show signs of the creatures, and traps within 250 coordinates will capture one. At least four different subspecies of Fennecs must be captured and released.
Tracking Desert Rats
Fast-moving Desert Rats blend perfectly with Egypt's terrain, but their distinctive tracks will lead to them every time. Be aware that the wind will cover up tracks over time.
Tracking Bullfrogs
Bullfrogs exhibit almost perfect camouflage, but their distinctive sound gives them away. High Dexterity helps capture these creatures.
Tracking Otters
Otters build an underground network of tunnels. It is possible to put a stick (board) down to block a portion of the network, but if too many holes are blocked, the Otter will get annoyed and eat a stick!
Tracking Gazelles
Gazelles run faster than humans. The key to tagging a Gazelle is to tire it out. Strong teamwork is a must.
Tracking Ibis
Only one flock of Ibis inhabits Egypt. Tagging a single bird causes it to flee, but the rest of the flock is unfazed. The flock tends to move at night, and resettle in the morning.


Task/Test of the Safari

Additional Information

The Test of the Safari is a test in the discipline of Natural Philosophy. The test focuses on observation while exploring, both visually and audibly.

4 of each animal must be "tagged" (clicked on or captured). One Talent Point is awarded for any combination of 4 animals tagged.

Passing the Test

You can check your progress by "Reading my Log Book" under the Safari test menu.

Notes on Hunting

It is hard to see desert rat prints if the Video setting Shadow Quantity is set to its lowest setting.


If you have a hearing impairment that causes you problems with detecting the bullfrogs, the following software may help you: