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The Test Tavern

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Welcome to The Test Tavern, where we serve group test passes to the huddled masses. At this time we have two group tests available and will be adding new ones as they come available.

Projects / Tests

Key Locations

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We will gather the supplies on the list list. Once all materials are gathered at the altar located in Avaris at 2265, 2051 we will decide on the start date. Anything highlighted in red on the list is being considered a 'vigil killer' and does not need to be stocked.

3 Warehouses currently on site with basements - 5 more for vigil needed +1 for Festivals so still need:

  • 6 canvas
  • 24 rope
  • 720 boards
  • 6000 bricks
  • 48 iron bars
  • 300 concrete
  • 4800 clay bricks

Upcoming Events

Event Date and Time Where (co-ords) Food needed Tools needed Notes