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Trad-e microphone was created by Augir and Coyote.

Technical Information

The guild tab name is "Trad-e Mods". The mic is located at guildhall (673, -1850), 1 min West of Koptos CS

To pick up the boards, click on each microphone and select "Display the Call Board". It will tell you the current mod using the board and ask if you want to take over. Choose yes.

If you are standing near the mics, they immediately pick up anything said in main chat. So it's important to move away from the mics before talking in any of these channels.

Posts made to Trad-e will show up on the control boards. The "S" button puts the post on hold. The "P" button posts the message. The "x" button deletes the message. The boards can only hold 21 messages before they become full. Posts made to a full board are lost and never show up on the control board.

The control boards can be hidden via Self->Options->Interface Options. Scroll down to the "Other" section and click "Hide Microphone Callboards when empty" if you want to remove the boards from the screen.

Don't use macro to automatically post msg, read them before posting.

Basic Use

To pick up the boards, click on microphone and select "Display the Call Board". It will tell you the current mod using the board and ask if you want to take over. Choose yes.

If there are very old posts on the Trad-e board, announce the age of the messages before you post them by saying "posts made up to 2 hours ago".

If you need to go afk for 10 minutes or less, it's ok. You don't need to announce the afk unless the board is very active and in the middle of some discussion.

If you are logging out or need an extended afk, please ask for a replacement mod on Trad-e mods channel. If no-one steps forward to replace you, post a message on Trad-e when you logout. The message should be something like "boards going down until a new mod comes along".

Posting Guidelines

Since Malard is ok with microphones run on auto posting macro we can also use that on Trad-e.

"Trad-e" is mainly meant for trades but can also be used for any other events that serve community interests—such as notices of events, safari spawns.

Casual talk should not go on Trad-e channel unless e-mote chat is down.

Rules for moderated chat rules

If mic is moderated and not run on auto-posting macro please follow rules below:

Posts that are direct attacks of other players, or which use lot of cursing or insults will be deleted and not posted. Mod needs to chat the poster before you delete the post. Ask them if they can rephrase the post. Most will comply. Ask to move conversation to private chat if it became to heated. Save post for Elders to see if poster don't agree with mod opinion.

Explicit Sexual, violent or slanderous comments will be censored.

Hate speech of any nature will be censored. This includes items directed at any race, creed, nationality, sexual orientation, or gender.

Posts that are blank or contain gibberish characters (often made by children or pets hitting the keyboard or macros gone wrong) can be deleted.

Duplicate posts from the same poster, sometimes made in an attempt to spam the board, will be deleted.

If chat gets out of control with posting so fast that you can't even read them, then slow down the posts. Letting each post stay on the board for longer and longer can calm some arguments. Posting delays of several minutes will often take the steam out of some arguments.

The goal is to limit drama if possible, we have enough of that in real life.