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Tribute Post

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All the information below is from before T10

However, the Tribute Posts are still present in T10. Images further down the page.

Post May Makeover

The tribute system is currently being made over by the devs. The details of how it will work aren't set in stone yet, but we've received some hints. The following section aims to summarize some of the upcoming changes, and will include a Discord chat log with Apophis.

The current system is divided into three parts, described below. The percentage in the headline shows how much the mechanic counts towards the final score in determining which faction wins a region.

NOTE: The system is subject to change, and may be reworked completely at the whim of the devs.

Local Support (20%)

It is possible to declare your support to a contested region. This is done at the region's tribute post, and once you've declared support, you will slowly (once per in-game season) rise in rank at the region.
ENN Log: Apophis' comments about Local Support

Donations (40%)

Donations work much like the previous system. The donation amounts will be capped per-faction, however.

Task Completion (40%)

These will probably work like quests. Examples given were "Make a new hatchet with exactly 6454 quality" and "Deliver these letters to these other Tribute Posts".

Chat Log With Apophis

Questions and Answers about what the future of factions could look like

Apophis - Today at 10:10 PM
The game has always had conflict in it.
And it still is heavily cooperative.
Also, I have mostly changed my mind about the lack of defense.
Which means I'd keep the university tech game the same, as well as obelisks
Rosethorn - Today at 10:16 PM
so we'll be able to defend now?
Apophis - Today at 10:18 PM
Probably. It seems to make more sense to me.
Rosethorn - Today at 10:18 PM
Ok then don't worry about my idea. :smiley:  It was based solely on the idea that there was nothing we could do to prevent a region change.
Apophis - Today at 10:18 PM
I was going to remove the defense mainly to decrease the amount of drama over the whole thing, but I think that my new system will cap that drama inherently now
Disallowing defense introduces more problems than it solves
Rosethorn - Today at 10:19 PM
Do you have any more guidance on what that's going to look like?
Apophis - Today at 10:19 PM
Right now, I'm looking at it being based on three areas
Local Support, Donations, and Task Completion
Local Support consists of people who have declared their support for a region
Rosethorn - Today at 10:21 PM
best 2 of 3?
Apophis - Today at 10:21 PM
The longer a person has that declaration, the more influence they have
Rosethorn - Today at 10:21 PM
or will each be weighted
Apophis - Today at 10:21 PM
No, there's going to be a total point cap
And everything that is done will contribute towards that
Rosethorn - Today at 10:21 PM
so when a region hits the cap, it turns over?
Apophis - Today at 10:22 PM
I'm sort of hoping for a 20/40/40 split between Local Support, Donations, and Task Completion
Rosethorn - Today at 10:22 PM
or if defending region hits it, it resets?
Apophis - Today at 10:22 PM
So when a region becomes available for conquest, the board goes up to show the current status of donations, local support, and tasks
When one faction hits the cap, it converts to that faction's control
and the region locks for a period of time
Rosethorn - Today at 10:23 PM
or if the defending region hits it, it won't convert?
Apophis - Today at 10:23 PM
Rosethorn - Today at 10:23 PM
and local support will be the least valuable of the three
Apophis - Today at 10:23 PM
We'll see how that goes
All of this is in flux
Zascha (Lukeera) - Today at 10:24 PM
presumably to make population imbalance less impactful?
Apophis - Today at 10:24 PM
Zascha (Lukeera) - Today at 10:24 PM
makes sense
is teh roll over going to remain a static thing?
Rosethorn - Today at 10:24 PM
will there still be regional bonuses?
Apophis - Today at 10:24 PM
Regional bonuses will stay
What do you mean 'static thing'?
Rosethorn - Today at 10:25 PM
and being able to turn regions with tokens?
Zascha (Lukeera) - Today at 10:25 PM
or are you  looking at letting a natural staggeringoccur because the bars fill at different rates, lock, and then unlock on a per region basis?
Apophis - Today at 10:25 PM
Turning regions with tokens will go away
That, Lukeera
Everything will convert to natural progression
Gnarphoenix - Today at 10:25 PM
Will all three parts need to be capped to change a region over? Local support, donations, task completion
Apophis - Today at 10:26 PM
No, Gnarphoenix
Zascha (Lukeera) - Today at 10:26 PM
That sounds good.  Gotta see it in action and think it over a bit, though.
Apophis - Today at 10:26 PM
There will be one cap and everything contributes to it
If you were to complete all of the possible things, it would probably be 130% of the total bar
Gnarphoenix - Today at 10:27 PM
Aha, and the local support one will be difficult to modify on short notice, I suppose.
Rosethorn - Today at 10:27 PM
what is local support going to look like exactly? just voting?
Apophis - Today at 10:27 PM
You can modify local support all you want, but it doesn't start kicking in until a season has passed. :smiley:
Right now it's just voting, but I am still trying to think of other ways it can affect things
Gnarphoenix - Today at 10:28 PM
Fair enough :smiley: and donations will be capped per-faction, or will there be a total cap?
Apophis - Today at 10:28 PM
Per faction
Gnarphoenix - Today at 10:28 PM
Good, I could only imagine the mad rush that would ensue otherwise(edited)
Rosethorn - Today at 10:28 PM
so really its going to be the tasks that turn the tide
Apophis - Today at 10:28 PM
Rosethorn - Today at 10:28 PM
do we have an idea of what those will look like?
Gnarphoenix - Today at 10:28 PM
Depending on the donation caps, it sounds that way
Zascha (Lukeera) - Today at 10:29 PM
will there be a system or other channel announce for when a region starts accepting bribes?
or do you have to go to the post to determine that?
Apophis - Today at 10:29 PM
I'm still brainstorming stuff, but some of it will be stuff like 'Make a new hatchet with exactly 6454 quality' or 'Deliver these letters to these other Tribute Posts' or something like that
I'm not sure yet on that, Lukeera
It could get very spammy
Zascha (Lukeera) - Today at 10:30 PM
yeah that was what i was thinking
Apophis - Today at 10:30 PM
Maybe we'll make a new channel dedicated to the messages
and people can tune in if they wish
Zascha (Lukeera) - Today at 10:30 PM
on the other hand, having to walk to each region regularly might not be all that appealing either
however, it would take it back to a system that rewards wanderers a bit more
Apophis - Today at 10:31 PM
which I want
Zascha (Lukeera) - Today at 10:31 PM
those first few weeks when somebob and i ruled the world simply by walking!
Gnarphoenix - Today at 10:31 PM
How long will it take before a region starts accepting bribes after a changeover?
Apophis - Today at 10:31 PM
I just haven't thought about that yet
Oh, the locked duration
It's going to start at 7 days
Rosethorn - Today at 10:32 PM
Gnarphoenix - Today at 10:32 PM
Oh, wow. Very interesting
Rosethorn - Today at 10:32 PM
sounds like there may be ways to increase that?
Gnarphoenix - Today at 10:32 PM
Then... I don't think putting the notifications for it in System chat would get too spammy
Apophis - Today at 10:32 PM
The duration will decrease based on how many regions a faction already owns when it changes over
So if you control 20 regions you may only get that region for 3–4 days

Pre May Makeover

  • A Tribute Post allows factions to make a tribute in an attempt to get control of the area.
  • The faction control of a region is evaluated approximately once a week.
  • See Tribute Status for current control, bonuses, and tribute status by region.

How to Give Tribute

Click on the Tribute Post.


  • The tribute item is shown.
  • Contributed amounts from all factions are shown.
  • Click option to make a tribute.
  • The faction that currently controls the region gets a perk of double their Tribute post contributions.


  • A Token of Ra can be used to immediately take over a region. Before and after pictures. Note second picture shows new controlling faction at top center.
  • Contributions from all factions stay the same as they were before and after using a Token of Ra.

Tribute Option Token of Ra.png

Tribute Post After Token of Ra Used.png

Building Restrictions near Tribute Post

  • Building restrictions of 64 coords are in place around the tribute post. You may not see the Tribute Post in the restricted building area in the North-West, South-West, North-East and South-East out from the Tribute Post.


You can edit the map here: Maps/Tribute Post.