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Ultimate Challenges

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The Ultimate Challenges task list can be requested from a University of Progress. They appear as any other tasks in your Tasks window, but are significantly more difficult to achieve. The rewards for completing any of the Tasks are, as yet, unknown.


  • Construct a Megalopolis entirely on your own
  • Achieve 500,000 Glory in a Funerary Temple
  • Achieve 100% in an Hour of Towers. Repeat this for each tower type.
  • Construct a 1000 Cubit Obelisk of each type.
  • Find a Cicada Cage that has 150000 Points on it
  • Achieve 100 wins at Test of the Singing Cicada


The only Ultimate Challenge which gave a reward in Tale9 was the Achieve 50 wins of the test of the singing cicada challenge, the award was the title of 'Como la Cigarra'.