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University of Worship

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There are many Universities of Worship spread throughout the game. Citizens can interact with them to learn new technologies or receive supplies.

Worship Universities, manually built table

Tale 10 data:

Region Coordinates Vine Cutting Sea Lily Wheat Rose
Abydos 1425, 2810 Brilliance Vampire Voodoo Hatch's Bud
Bahariya Oasis -1679, 5497 Wisdom Crown Macumba? Onion Skin
Bahariya Oasis -2519, 5641 Balance Blush Macumba? Red Dwarf
Bernike 2908, -1320 Frivolity Morning Macumba Pantomine
Blemmyes 4000, -4600 Appreciation Blush Hatch's Bud
Blue Nile/Napata 138, -5976 Wisdom Fracture Wicca Pantomine
East Kush 1917, -4139 Appreciation Silken Druidism Hatch's Bud
Elephantine/West Kush Not Here! Appreciation Blush Asatru Night Bloom
Hermopolis 1109, 4014 Frivolity Crown Abacua White Giant
Philae 379, -1623 Wisdom Vampire Macumba Pantomime
Pwenet 4565, -432 Amusement Crown White Giant
South Sinai/East Sinai 3988, 6100 Brilliance Crown Druidism Hatch's Bud
South Sinai 3388, 4554 Distraction Morning Asatru White Giant
Suez 1554, 6291 Frivolity Energy Palo Mayombe Hatch's Bud
Swenett 1396, -1130 Wisdom Crown Druidism Goldenleaves
Western Desert -909, -2600 Distraction Energy Voodoo White Giant

Worship Universities, automated version

Region ownership is pulled from the same source as the region maps.