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Hello Egypt!

A little about me... Expert at milking (boxes of wine count, right?) Possible alien. The absence of evidence is not evidence of absense. My avatar has RBF, but I am really not that scary.

Favorite quote: "I haven't collected this much wood since university!" Favorite color: Pinot Noir

Answer: Yes. I like living in the nether regions of Meshwesh, and I plan to use this as my address IRL. -1290 5105

Advice: Do not get hooked on the cheese. It pulls you into the collector rabbit hole and then leaves you stranded in the desert with 6 sheep, 1k sticks, 400 db of random herbs, 2k grass, a bic pen you likely stole from the bartender, epic gas and no idea how you got there. Evil. Pure Evil. Unless you have some to spare and then I will take 12.

Desperately seeking:

leek seeds

dig parties

Heifer (not to be confused with heffa, as in 'wazzup heffa' or Hoffa as in have you checked the cement mixer)

Acro (show me yours and I'll show you mine...or something like that): I know- Windmill, lunge, rear squat, run in place

Useless trivia (Oneida silver was orginally a front for a religious cult.)


A huge Thank You to Kavad and Annika for helping me get off to an amazing start!

Oyster Catcher: