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Jeffrez's page


1 - Apprentice Glazier

2 - Vineyard flavours at V1

3 - Yeast locations

Apprentice Glazier

Barometers now available.

I was tired of paying the prices glaziers charge for wine glasses so decided to make my own. If you don't want to hand over in excess of 4k flax or equivalent for a 9k set, why not consider my budget priced sets. The price is in effect to let me practice more as I aspire to the dizzy heights of 9k Wine Glasses (which I pledge to being appropriately priced). My personal best at the moment is hitting 8.8k, but these have gone to myself and friends.

My preference for swaps are more glass mats, but, if you hate making glass mats and want some of my budget products, please feel free to make an offer in another commodity.


According to wiki a 7.0k quality barometer is accurate to less than an error of 3 feet whilst a 8.0k quality is accurate to a little over 2 feet.


I have the following offerings:

Set in Stock Pricing
At least 7.5k Yep (2) 8 Glass rods and three Glass pipe
At least 7.2k Yep (5) 5 Glass rods and two Glass pipe
At least 7.0k Yep (3) 3 Glass rods and one Glass pipe
At least 6.7k Yep (2) 2 Glass rods

Wine Glasses

I have the following offerings:

Set in Stock Pricing
8.5k wine glass set Nope 12 Fine Glass Rods
8.3k wine glass set Yep 8 Fine Glass Rods
8.0k wine glass set Yep 5 Fine Glass Rods

Will also exchange thermometers for mats (pipe + quiksilver).

Drop me a chat in-game :)


Flavours at one vintage

Location Flavour
1 Grass
2 Ethanol
3 Bell pepper & Butterscotch
4 Grass & Mollasses
5 Grass & Cooked notes^
6 Heat^, Lemon & Green beans
7 Pineapple
8 needs aging
9 Lemon
10 Hot alcohol & Menthol
11 Menthol
12 Stemmy
12+1 Cedar & Buteric acid
14 Pungency^ & Stemmy
15 Grapefruit
16 needs aging
17 needs aging
18 Grass & Pungency^
19 Menthol
20 Grapefruit & Menthol
21 Buteric acid
22 Pineapple & Butterscotch
23 Grass & Lemon
24 Green beans & Pineapple
25 Buteric acid

Yeast locations and isolation times

Just some yeast I isolated by my home in event they are of interest to others.

Yeast Location Isolation time Comment
Y25 595, -280 @500s (1,900 left) Prevalent yeast all over my home
Y51 375, -150 @1,200s (1,200 left) Date flavour
Y17 300, -125 @1,300s (1,100 left) Dull
Y18 310, -130 @1,100s (1,300 left) Dull
Y35 310, -140 @1,200s (1,200 left) High alcohol (1,421)