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Narmer's Asyut Ironworks

Welcome. In my shop you can trade using substitute currency - IronScrip. You simply count how many IronScrips are needed to buy, you add fee (explained later) and cover that ammount with items you want to sell.


Items Cost in IronScrips
10 Iron 1
10 Copper 1
10 Steel 5
10 Brass 5
10 Bronze 5
10 Pewter 6
10 Sun Steel 8
10 Moon Steel 8
10 Water Metal 12
10 Thoth's Metal 12
10 Metal Blue 14
10 Octet's Alloy 35
1000 Charcoal 25


Items Cost in IronScrips
1000 Wood 20
10 Medium Stone 16
1 Cuttable Stone 2
1 Thermometer 12
100 Soda 16
100 Concrete 40
1 Oyster Shell Marble 16
1 Rumi Cheese (Potency 10) 20
10 Papyrus Seeds (hf) 4
10 Fertile Papyrus 10

Additional notes


Leave me a private message. Tell me what you want to buy and what you sell in exchange.


Each exchange takes place at my CP at 1450, 2750.


Add 20 IronScrips to total price. The more you buy, the cheaper it will be. Someone suggested that it's too much. Well, I can raise the prices and make a discount for large orders. Sure, "discount" sound better that "fee", but fee is easier to count. So I'll keep the prices low and stick with the fee.


Someone wants to buy 10 Sun Steel. It will cost 8 + 20 = 28 IronScrips. He/she wants to pay with 9 Glass Sheet (27 IronScrip). I accept +/- 5% in payment so 27 is enough. But it's not a great deal - waste of time for both of us.

Someone else wants to buy 1000 Steel. It will cost 500 + 20 = 520 IronScrips. He/she wants to pay with 10000 wood (140) and 120 Glass Sheet (360) - 500 IronScrips in total. Economy of scale...

Other items

I'm always willing to hear interesting offers in case you want to sell something else. Also, tell me if you want to buy something else like basic metals, gems, whatever...

Tenders/reverse auctions/contracts

I'll post here some special offers for you. Those are one time offers. All of them have about 1 week to finish. Tell me privately how much IronScrips you want for that. There is also "sell now" option to finish the auction instantly.

Items Sell now (IronScrips) The end (GTM time) Best (lowest) offer