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what - whisp's ATITD-Tools


Cooking assistant

  • Import ingredients from your in-game-containers-clipboard. While importing, automatically put them into categories, such as "Herbs", "Mushrooms", "Typical Bases" etc.
  • Let the "Missing meals overview" list you any ingredients-combination you didn't create a meal from, yet. Easily filter it by categories or by the amount of pairs.
  • Cook the missing meal, taste it. Double-click it in the missing meals overview to automatically create a meal in the database. Set attributes, click Save.
  • The cooking assistant keeps track of meals you already created.
  • Export your meals to CSV
  • Import CSV's from other people
  • The importer automatically imports only the meals you don't have created yet (filtered by bases and additives combination)
  • More to come


Start a timer that sticks on top of your ATITD-Window. After stopping the time, click save to store the time (with some text). Use the stored result to create an item recipe with. Or just for accessing it later.


The calculator is a very handy tool to calculate the time you need to produce a specific amount of items. It takes account of the item's components and the required actions to produce the item. You can create various recipes for any items. For components the calculator picks the cheapest recipe, if the given recipe isn't filtered out by the filters you defined in the Calculator-Profile.

Want to know how much time you need to build that 110 feet Obelisk? The calculator tells you.

But the main purpose of the calculator is comparing items. This comparisons can help you decide if you want to produce an item yourself or if you want to trade for it. Scrooge McDuck offers 10 flax for your 100 potash? Ask the calculator if you should snatch at the offer.

  • Calculate item times, including all componts and actions taken to aquire/produce that item.
  • Compare item values
  • Setup filtering profiles for the calculator
  • Detailed summary of the calculation
  • Conveniently navigate to any involved recipe from within the calculator details, or from within an item recipe
  • Item-Recipes creator, that allows to setup recipes for any ATITD crafting/building/gathering/trading processes
  • Mass-Import items from the in-game-container-clipboard


whisp's ATITD Tools - Beta 5 - File:What-beta5.zip - (Windows only)

Cooking Assistant - Getting started

This is a small step-by-step-tutorial that gets you started into the cooking assistant.

  • For the start create a few categories for your ingredients
    • Cooking -> Manage Ingredient Categories
    • Enter a text in the top most line. Let's say: Herbs
    • Click Create
    • Enter a new text in the top most line: Bases. Click create again.
    • Optional: Remove the text in the top most line, click search to see all your categories listed.
    • Click OK
  • Now import some ingredients from your in-game-containers
    • Cooking -> Import Ingredients from ATITD Container Clipboard
    • Go to ATITD. Copy the herbs from your herbs-container. Ensure that only herbs are within the container.
      • Click the container, then Utility -> Copy Contents to Clipboard
    • Back in the cooking assistant, click "Paste Container"
    • In the categories-box select "Herbs" and click "Add ->".
    • Click Import, to import all pasted ingredients. They will be added to the Herbs category automatically.
    • Repeat the above steps for a container that contains a couple of your bases. Ensure you remove the Herbs category and add the Bases category instead.
    • (Hint: If you want to mass-add to categories later, you can just re-import the ingredients with the additional categories.)
  • After you imported herbs and bases, check the missing meals overview
    • Cooking -> Missing Meals Overview
    • By default, the missing meals overview is set to display combinations of 1 pair
  • Create a profile: Next to "Profile", still in the Missing Meals Overview, click the "Select..." button
    • Enter a text for your profile, ie "Default", and click Create
    • With your profile selected, click "Edit..."
    • In Allow Bases, add "Bases"
    • In Allow Additives, add "Herbs"
    • Click Done and Done again
    • The Missing Meals Overview now only shows bases from your Base-Category and Additives from your Herbs Category.
    • Now, still in the Missing Meals Overview, double-click on a meal you would like to cook.
    • The double-click created that meal in the DB. Cook it in the game to get its stats. If it had any stats, adjust them in the Meal-Data-Entry, then click "Save".
    • Back to the Missing Meals Overview, you will notice that this meal isn't listed anymore
  • Cooking -> Meals-Overview, to view all meals you already created

Bon appetit!

Release Notes

Beta 5 (03.10.2019)


  • Cooking Assistant
    • Import Ingredients from in-game-containers, create categories before, if you want them to be imported into selected categories
    • Show missing meals (customizable filtering: amount of pairs, ingredients-categories by bases and by additives)
    • Create meals from missing meals by a simple double-click
    • Meals overview
    • Meals export
    • Meals import


  • Calculator: Crash when deleting last item in recipe-finder

Beta 4 (29.09.2019)


  • Calculator now shows recipe taken for compared item
  • Caltulator now shows recipes for item-components in the details
  • Calculator: Components-calculation can now be filtered by recipe-category
  • You can now double-click recipes in calculator and calculator-detail to jump to them
  • Various other GUI improvements


  • Crash when saving empty timer
  • Crash when double-clicking timer table without selection
  • Crash when clearing item in components, when there was no item set before

Beta 3 (27.09.2019)


  • Recipes can be duplicated now, for further editing
  • Recipes can be categorized now. Calculator can filter by category. More to come.


  • Items and recipes are now sorted alphabetically in their respective "Finders"
  • Some changes in layout


  • Calculation details from recursive recipes are now displayed correct
  • Various small fixes

Beta 2 (26.09.2019)


  • In the calculator, you can now compare two items directly
  • A new recipe can be created from a saved timer
  • Import/Export menuitems work now
  • Warnings in calculator, when components or subcomponents lack a recipe


  • You now get a message when you're about to delete a recipe or an item
  • Added a few hint texts
  • Changed various texts to be more clear
  • Layout-improvements
  • Various other changes


  • Crashes related to deleted items
  • Various other fixes

Calculator Todo