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Wheat Event

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Where to find details about the Wheat Event

A Controller run event that shows up on the calendar.
Watch for news and winners' listings in the Events chat.

Click on the Calendar icon and scroll.
Click on the Eye icon on the left under the title of the Event to see a small story and prize list.

Set Your Time Zone

Set your Time Zone correctly because the calendar time for event start also uses it.


  • You must manually change your Time Zone back one hour in the spring and forward one hour in the fall.
  • For the USA Eastern Time is 0500 (March 8 thru November 1 for 2020) for EDT, but then during EST has to manually be changed to 0400.

What to Do and How Scores are Accrued

Instructions appear in the Events chat:
To get a Peers score, run to different silos and stand within 32 coords. Kbr>

Wheat Event Instructions in Events channel.jpg

You may build more than one silo during the event.
Per instructions above, silos must be at least 65 coords away from each other.
Current scores will not be viewable at a silo unless you own it.
You may not give a silo to a guild.
Scores for the Silo Owner are Workers, Harvest Count, Harvest Quantity.
Scores will accrue for the Owner from wheat grown near a Silo built from a previous Wheat Event.

Current Scores Click Silo.jpg

Grow wheat within ?? coords to a newly built silo, old silo.
The wheat harvest automatically goes into it whether it is your silo or not.
Again, scores go to the silo owner.

Current Scores Click Silo with Workers Score.jpg

Wheat Silos can be set to Public so anyone can see the scoring, including Workers.
But beware!! Anyone can Take all your hard work!

Wheat Event Public Silo.jpg

Requirements to Build a Silo and Grow Wheat

  • Farming 3 from University of Worship
  • Ranching 2 from University of Worship

Strategy to Think About for Where to Build Your Silo

  • Wheat strains come in 3 seasons: Peret, Shemu and Akhet. Only the right season's wheat will grow.
  • You will need to build your silo near water to refill your jugs.
  • Each strain of wheat will grow on certain types of terrain and not others. Wrong terrain "gives weak stalks" and a harvest score of 0.
  • Pollution can nix the harvest amount.

How to Check Your Event Scores

You cannot check Scoring by clicking yourself, like most events.
Scoring for Silo Owners only shows on Silos.

Scoring for Peers will show as a norifiation on the calendar after the Event if you get a prize.

Peer score for just being AT different silos NOT growing at them.jpg

Winner's Reports

Winner's Reports will be in the Events channel for Harvest Count, Harvest Quantity, Workers and Peers.

Wheat Event Winner's Report.jpg