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Who are these Raiders?

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More Raider camps?

Shemu III-11: Event Message: running to Sep 18th

Each of the Houses are beginning to panic with more reports of Raider camps being found.  Speculation from each House is making each of them suspect the other.   Or is it that two of the Houses have decided to gang up against the third?

But the Raiders' messages seem a bit disorganized, don't they?  Is there any hint of a master puppeteer?  

Can anyone get the Houses to at least talk to each other?    Maybe one of the Houses will let slip an important hint.


Do any of the other raiders have any clues to what might be going on??

Document what you find! Keep alert!!

Found an old Raider camp in Elephantine 2714,-3598 "Hiding Place for Antone's Burden" 50 cabbage, 7 canvas, 1 OSM, 25 Silver Not sure if this is a new camp, or one for teh first even including raider. no real message or anything.