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When a lab requirements change, navigate to a specific Laboratory page and edit the requirements there.


Research is a decentralized process. Each house completes basic resource requirements at Universities to Champion a Technology. Each house may only Champion one Technology at a time. This is not a competition; once a technology is Championed, it will become open to all of Egypt once completed.

Once a Technology is Championed, work begins at Laboratories built by players all across Egypt. Each Laboratory works independently on all of the currently Championed Technologies.

Each Technology will have an amount of time necessary for a Laboratory to finish the Research, and a specific number of Laboratoriesrequired to complete the Research and unlock the Technology. This number of Laboratories scales with the number of researches completed. The only currently known way to reduce the cost is to hand Scrolls of Wisdom into a University of Progress.

The In Game Calendar will show the number of Laboratories which are necessary, as well as the number which have already finished their research.

All Laboratories across Egypt contribute to all Technologies, regardless of House which Championed the Technology. Once the required number of Laboratories completes the research, the tech is unlocked, and all work on excess Laboratories is wasted. At any time, a Laboratory may become "Blocked", and the Laboratory will request additional resources to be added to this Laboratory for it to continue it's research. This Laboratory timer is paused, but does not have any affect on other Laboratories.

Championed Technologies

Sign Construction is a global tech, Guild Construction is a House tech.

Remember : Choose Wisely Or you WILL be fed to the crocodiles

Lab Repair Follow Up

Please go to this link to edit this information: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1txPPBmjbBXQxTNP3a4NsaI-Qvhfkkd3SnRi0ubg5P_g/edit?usp=sharing

Lab locations and current requirements

Lab Status


The following guilds are dedicated towards research: What Lab Needs This