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Weight 1
Bulk 1


Canvas is a rough cloth woven from Twine (one of the end products of Flax) on a Loom. Used in numerous buildings across Egypt.


Starts an endurance timer of 60s.

100 flax makes 100 tow, which makes 300 twine, which makes 5 canvas. To make 1 canvas, you need 60 twine, which is made from 20 tow, or 20 flax. This does not include the strings breaking on a Student's Loom (5-60 per attempt)


Research and Tuition

Required By

Acid Bath, Airship, Aqueduct Construction Site, Banner Construction, Basic Tub, Canvas Bags, Cartouche, Chancery, Chariot Repair, Chemical Bath, Clay Steeped Canvas, Compound, Cooperage, Crystal Acoustics, Desert Rat Trap, Diplomacy, Faction Flag, Flax Hammock, Guilds, Marble Tub, Medium Construction Site, Megalopolis, Megalopolis Construction Site, Neutralization, Plinth Construction Site, Religious Construction Site, Ritual Torch, Small Construction Site, Star Rack, Sturdy Tub, Temporary Pyrotechnics Stadium Application, Tent, Wheat Silo

Produced By