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Megalopolis Construction Site

A Megalopolis is a 49-piece building, usually built as a regional group project.


This building becomes available once you sign up for the Test of the Megalopolis and you need the project management skill.


Building the Site

The Megalopolis Construction Site consists of one central structure surrounded by 48 smaller construction sites. Each of these smaller sites will be used to build a piece of the Megalopolis.

Initially, the first player is the owner of all 49 construction sites. He or she is then free to transfer ownership of them to different individuals, or guild them, or even make them public.

IMPORTANT NOTE: From the time the Megalopolis Construction Site is built, you have one real-world week to finish the Megalopolis. If all 48 pieces are not finished by the end of the week, the entire Megalopolis will crumble to dust, taking all your materials and labors with it. Because of this, it is wise to gather all your people and (estimated) materials before you raise the construction site.

Building the Megalopolis

Every Megalopolis, as noted, consists of 49 components:

  • Central Structure (1)
  • Ramps (4)
  • Towers (12)
  • Wall Segments (8)
  • Bridges (4)
  • Gate Sections (4)
  • Edge Walls (8)
  • Side Walls (8)

Each component has its own requirements for materials, and (except for the central structure), the required quantity of these materials varies with each project. See the Requirements section below for the base cost of each component, but be aware that the actual cost may be more or less.
NOTE: The exact requirements vary by avatar, so it can be useful to seek out the builders of previous Megalopolis to use their known requirements rather than gamble on a site built by a different player. This can be especially useful if the previous builder has low requirements for the rare cut gems (Unities, now that Full Aidenn Masks are fixed quantity).

When all 48 pieces are finished, the structure is built. Everyone who completed a piece will pass the test. "Completing a piece" means making the last addition of materials to that piece—it is only the player who finishes the piece who gets credit for passing purposes. The player who built the Megalopolis Construction Site gets credit for the central structure.

A single person can finish more than one piece. But of course a single person cannot pass the test twice, so this is very inefficient. You would be wise to seek out a full compliment of 49 players.

Having all Megalopolis participants in a guild together is an excellent idea.


" Here are the requirements for a typical megalopolis. CAUTION: Every megalopolis is different. Prices may range from one quarter of those listed to as much as three times higher. "

The central structure: (exactly)

Each ramp (there are four): (APPROXIMATELY)

Each Tower (there are twelve): (APPROXIMATELY)

Each Wall Segment (there are eight): (APPROXIMATELY)

Each bridge (there are four): (APPROXIMATELY)

Each gate section (there are four): (APPROXIMATELY)

Each edge wall segment (there are eight): (APPROXIMATELY)

Each side wall (there are eight): (APPROXIMATELY)