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Drying Rack

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Drying Rack
Drying Rack
Cost to Build
Boards 18

A Drying Rack is a basic outdoor building in which various resources can be dried, for example to convert Grass into Straw.

The Flax Hammock is an improvement over the Drying Rack (being faster), but is also more expensive to build.


This building becomes available once you have learned Flax Processing.


Built Outside (Self > Projects).


Time varies by amount (200 takes 15 min).
Time varies by amount (20 takes 22 min).
Altitude affects seed yield (higher = more).
1 RL minute per flax.
200 Wheat takes 15 min.


  • W = dries wheat (brings up window to select wheat from inventory)

There are other hotkeys listed on the MAX menu (although not listed on menu):

  • T = Take Everything

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