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Weight 1
Bulk 1


Linen is woven on a Loom. It starts with Flax.

  • 80 flax -> 80 lint -> 1200 thread -> 3 linen
  • 27 flax -> 27 lint -> 405 thread -> 1 linen


The weaving action starts an Endurance timer.

Research & Tuition

Uses (Pre-Autogenerated Section)

Required By

Airship, Banner, Beekeeping, Beetle Terrarium, Ceremonial Voting Booth, Certificate Press, Chancery, Chariot Repair, Chemistry Laboratory, Cicada Cage, Creamery, Crystal Acoustics, Desert Obelisk, Entomology, Essence of Harmony, Essential Macerator, Hexaglyph Tablet, Indonesian Bee Hive, Large House, Medium House, Minting, Modern Sheep Farm, Obelisk Construction, Papyrus Paper Fabrication, Pyramid Construction Site, Ranch, Sculpture, Serpentarium, Shipwright, Simple Beehive, Small House, Tent, Test of Alchemists Rune, Test of Hexaglyphs, The Science of Color

Produced By

Drying Rack, Flax Hammock