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Limestone is a sedimentary rock found in natural deposits around Egypt.

It can be gathered with:

With manual gathering, it's a good idea to bring multiple chisels when gathering limestone. Flint chisels have a tendency to shatter with use. Manually gathering limestone uses Endurance, so food that boosts End helps a lot.


  • While gathering, you may also get Soda with a 20-25% chance per hit, as a byproduct.
  • With a Lead Chisel and Heavy Mallet, ~10% yields for Soda are more likely.
  • 60 needed to build a Night Sky Table.

Research and Tuition

Limestone deposits are bright white and easy to notice.

Required By

Lime Emulsion, Night Sky Table, Pottery Deck, Pyrolysis, Tomb of the Immortal

Produced By


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