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ALOE Projects

Current Projects: RAELI OVENS

  • If there is something you can contribute to the large production of Raeli ovens, please add below or let Oaxani know. Thank you!
Name RAELI OVEN Contributions
Oaxani Iron Bars, Bolts & Washers, Concrete
Peabody & Radcliffe Clay & Sour Milk for piggies
Ysabeau Clay

Future Projects

  • Crematory (when we can do raeli tiles)
Name Goals, Plans, Tests, etc. for T10
Oaxani Thrones, Raeli Ovens, Waterworks, Mega (the big construction projects)
Peabody A party building, dig site, etc.

ALOE Events

Please let Kelistra or Oaxani know if you want an event organized.

ALOE Event preferences

Name Preferred day(s) Preferred Time Timezone
Kelistra Weekends between 7pm and 10pm GMT (UK)
Peabody Afternoon/Early Evening between 2pm and 8pm CET (Austria)
Example Example Example

ALOE Map & Information

Guild Hall @ 1115,6888 (Just East of Tanis CS)
Post Office @ 1114, 6892
Most of ALOE's compounds are north of the sand circle @ 1317, 7303 due to limited space around the chariot stop

  • Guild Hall (1115,6888)
  • ALOE Camp & Oaxani (1301, 7299)
  • ALOE Iron Mine, (1645,7279)
  • ALOE Copper Mine, (1160,6949)
  • ALOE Topaz Mine, (1287,7300)
  • ALOE Limestone Auger, (1376, 6910)
  • Medium Beehives: (1278,7517), (1384,7504), (1392,7402)

ALOE Trade Page

ALOE Trade Page

ALOE Raeli Ovens

ALOE Raeli Ovens

ALOE Tiles In Stock

ALOE Resources

ALOE Quarries

ALOE Quarries


Cooking Recipes

IMPORTANT: Please eat sink food before you eat any other meal to help preserve the potency of other ingredients.

For Tale 10, Good Eats has settled on Mutton and Oil as Sink Food. Both should be readily available to everyone. Ratio of ingredients does not matter as long as they are not equal, so e.g. 69 Mutton and 1 Oil is just fine for 10 servings of Sink Food. This pairing as the added benefit of giving +Dex.

Wood Treatment Recipes

  • Rigid, Hard, Termite-Resistant, Non-Toxic, Black: 130 sec Charcoal, 30 sec Sulfur, 15 sec Saltpeter, 30 sec Lead (Ranch Upgrade - Water Trough)
  • Fireproof, Non-Toxic (Large Shelves) - Bonemeal 50 sec, Ash 20 sec.
  • Hard Fireproof Rotproof (Chemical Bath) - Lime 100 sec, Petroleum 30 sec, Lead 10 sec, Ash 10 sec, Charcoal 10 sec, Petroleum 10 sec, Ash 10 sec.

Metal Treatment Recipes

  • Sun Steel - Stainless, Insulative: 140 sec Gravel (Reinforced Kiln)
  • Iron - Hard, Corrosion Resistant: 70 sec Saltpeter, 10 sec Potash, 10 sec Saltpeter (Limestone Auger)

Additional Links & Information

Resins Available