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(Technology - Worship)
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Materials Prerequisites
Status Not Started
Expected Unknown

„Horticulture“ ist keine Zahl.

Allows cultivation of beautiful flowers.


When a faction has researched Horticulture, a player in that faction, who has learned Horticulture from the University of Worship, can pick up one Sea Lily bulb from one University of Worship in a region controlled by their faction. The variety of the lily is determined by the University.


Level XP Needed to advance Unlocks
1 500
  • No extra skills or abilities listed
2 1000
3 3500
  • Can request Rose of Ra Bulbs
  • Increased Barley Harvest Yield


Action XP Value
Plant a flower 0
Fertilize a flower with Flower Fertilizer 1
Fertilize a flower with Sticky Sun Fertilizer 2
Fertilize a flower with Harvest Elixir Fertilizer 4
Fertilize a flower with Black Syrup Fertilizer 12
Harvest petals ?
Harvest bulb 100

Research Costs

Horticulture (1)

Horticulture 2

Horticulture 3

Required By