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Flowers are decorative plants that can be placed on the ground like Buildings, and reproduced by adding Fertilizer. They are received, carried and planted as Bulbs. With sufficient technological advances, they can be crossbred to produce new strains of varying sizes and colors.

How to grow Flowers:

  • First of all you need to have Botany level 1.
  • Horticulture 0 (Skill)
  • Plant and precisely place a bulb, which will appear as a jug.
  • Sea Lilies will need 100 jugs of water in your Inventory to plant.
  • Come back in one hour and your flower will have bloomed.

To gain new bulbs:

  • Fertilize a flower. Each type of flower and sometimes strain of flower (like Sea Lilies) need different numbers of fertilization before splitting.
  • "Check the bulb for signs of budding" appears when the flower is ready to split.
  • If it is an Orchid, this is the signal to check the flower, and a bulb will immediately go into your inventory. Hurrah!
  • A Lily will tell you "There are signs of budding, but the bulb is not yet ready to split" through several more fertilizations
  • Eventually the Lily will finally split, putting a bulb in your Inventory.
  • Repeat to get more splits.



Sea Lilies are given at the University of Worship
Warning: Only one sea lily will be given to an avatar from one University of Worship for the entire game, NOT one sea lily per university per avatar.

The two types of flower bulbs offered are:

You may request 1 Sea Lily bulb and 1 Rose of Ra bulb per character.

If you want any additional strains, you'll have to trade for them.

Strains - where to get them

  • Sea Lily
    • Blush: Bahariya Oasis (-2520, 5646), Blemmyesyesyes, Elephantine (361, -3604)
    • Crown: Swenett (1367, -1133), Hermopolis (1102, 4011), South Sinai (3984, 6144), Bahariya Oasis (-1673, 5496), Pwenet (4565, -433)
    • Energy: Western Desert (-914, -2599), Suez (1560, 6270)
    • Fracture: Blue Nile (137, -5975)
    • Morning: Bernike (2903, -1346), South Sinai (3394, 4547)
    • Silken: East Kush (1910, -4141)
    • Vampire: Philae (379, 1623), Abydos (1425, 2810)