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Cabbage Seeds

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Cabbage Seeds
Cabbage Seeds
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Cabbage seeds become available after Glassblowing. To receive cabbage seeds, players must find a new wild beetle, any discovered prior to unlocking of glassblowing will not count. Upon obtaining a wild beetle, a task is given to the players. The beetle can be donated to the University of Worship in exchange for cabbage seeds. One of each seed type is given.

NOTE: You will only get the task once, and can only turn in 1 beetle at 1 UWor for seeds. The Donation of a Beetle menu option disappeared after the first donation.

Trial accounts cannot receive seeds from the University, and can only obtain seeds from other players.


Cabbage Seeds are used to grow Cabbage on Grass

While there is a seed in your inventory, a Plant... menu will appear on the Self menu. Selecting the Plant menu, then the desired seed, will plant the vegetable seed.


Successfully harvesting a vegetable will give you your seed back, and killing a vegetable plant (either through lack of water or overwatering) will leave a seed behind on the ground. You need never worry about running out of vegetable seeds (as long as you don't leave them on the ground and walk away), though of course you can only work as many simultaneous beds as you have seeds.

Reproducing vegetable seeds—getting more seeds back from a harvest—See current research

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