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Cabbage is one of the five basic vegetable types. Cabbages are grown on grassy terrain from Cabbage Seeds.


To grow cabbage, plant Cabbage Seeds seed in a grassy area.



Strain water per stage number of stages yield Seed Notes
Mut's Fruiton 1 3 1 1 Only works on Grass
Bastet's Yielding 2 3 2 1 Only works on Grass

Cross-bred Seed Yields

Cross-bred Strain Water Required Tendings Required Yield Seed Notes
Qwu#331 1 1 4 1(4) Only works on Grass

Seed Reproduction

Cabbage can be reproduced in a very narrow range of pH near 5.0340. To create a spot to grow cabbage in this range, Sulphurous Water and Salt Water can be emptied onto the ground to quickly alter the pH of a large area (at least 60 coords). Sulphurous Water will lower the pH and Salt Water will raise it. Each jug has a chance of changing modifying the pH by 0.0020. Multiple jugs can be dumped at once and their change is additive. If you dump 1000 jugs at once, there is a chance of modifying the pH by 2.


  1. Acquire some cabbage juice. Cabbage can be converted to cabbage juice at a kitchen with cooking 2.
  2. Learn Ecology level 1.
  3. Find an area of grass near a supply of Sulphurous Water and Salt Water. Sulphurous Water is probably the most important, as you need at least 983 to move the default pH of 7 down to 5.0340. Since there is only a chance of moving, you may need several times that amount.
  4. Make sure cabbage currently grows in the area and produces vegetables.
  5. Test the current pH of the area. You do this by left clicking on the cabbage juice from your inventory. From there, determine how many jugs of Sulphurous Water to empty at a time. Note that because you can only adjust in increments of .0020 not all starting values will be suitable. It is best to have X.XX00, X.XX20, X.XX40, X.XX60, or X.XX80.
    • Example: In an area of 7.1200 pH, you need (7.1200 - 5.03400) / 0.0020 = 1043 jugs.
  6. Empty that number of jugs of Sulphurous Water onto the ground and test the pH again to see if it changed. Repeat this step until it changes. If you don't have that many jugs, you can do this part in steps.
  7. Once the pH is at 5.0340, plant cabbage and reproduce seeds.
  8. When the pH changes due to planting cabbage and they no longer reproduce seeds, check the pH of the area. It should be lower than 5.0340 now. If not, ???.
  9. Using Salt Water instead of Sulphurous Water, repeat the process for adjusting the pH.
    • Example: In an area of 5.0280 pH, you need (5.0340 - 5.0280) / 0.0020 = 3 jugs.
  10. Exhibit caution when dumping Salt water as it also has other ecological effects that will cause the area to no longer successfully grow.


  • Grilled - Speed +2


  • can lowers pH value when harvested (couldnt get below 6.7700 - it seems like the lower the pH value, the lower the chance for further decrease)
  • can lower groundwater level when harvested (seems to be related to the cabbage shrinking at least once)

Research and Tuition

Required By

Beekeeping, Cabbage Juice, Entomology, Skill/Cooking/2, Skill/Ploughing/0, Technology/Animal Husbandry/3, Test of Towers

Produced By

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