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Chickens are found in the wild by examining Pale Pampas Grass (to find a Hen) or Dark Pampas Grass (to find a Rooster) after one has obtained the Avian Selection skill. These silly animals are kept in a Chicken Coop, where they can be slaughtered to produce Chicken Meat, or kept alive to produce eggs, which will sometimes hatch into more chickens if given time and the right temperature.


Slaughtering a chicken yields 1 Chicken Meat and occasionally Animal Bones. Whole live chickens (and eggs) can be fed to snakes in a Serpentarium.


To successfully breed chickens you must:

  • Have a Chicken Coop - refer to this for detailed chicken raising
  • Have a hen and a rooster
  • Have enough food that they won't die


Chickens devour Barley and insects, which are converted to Chicken Feed when placed in the Chicken Coop. It would appear that roosters eat much more than hens do, but this information is unconfirmed.


Hens produce eggs at some unknown rate. These eggs will hatch into more chickens if one of two conditions is met: If the pen is empty other than eggs and feed (no hens), or if a Rooster is present in the coop along with hens and eggs. If the coop is empty, some number of eggs will hatch each 6am, possibly affected by temperature. If the coop has one or more roosters along with hens, one egg will hatch for each rooster present in the pen. When the egg hatches, it leaves behind Crushed Egg Shells.


Depending on your Arthropodology skill level, slaughtering chickens may produce Skinlickers, White Sawflies, Toad Sawflies, Bat Mites, Stone Flies, Hairy Slugs and Rose Mites.