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Command Keys

  • [F3] Toggle map window
  • [F4] Temporary compass
  • [F5] Tight Camera - 'General'
  • [F6] Medium Camera - 'Explorer'
  • [F7] Far Camera
  • [F8] Eye in the Sky - 'Dueling cam'
  • Double [F8] Enhanced Cartographer Camera
  • Triple [F8] Enhanced Cartographer Camera zoomed all the way in
On Macintosh, [F9], [F10], and [F11] are mapped to Expose controls by default. To get around this without changing the Expose mappings, press the Command (Apple) key in addition to the F-key.
  • [F9] Go to the previous chat tab
  • [F10] Go to the next chat tab
  • [F11] Toggle friends list
  • [F12] Toggle the UI
  • [Esc] Character Menu
  • [Ctrl-C] Copy text (from text highlighted in areas where you can type, or copy contents of an open chest Browse window))
  • [Ctrl-V] Paste text
  • [Ctrl-P] Displays last command sent
  • On the Mac, use Option instead of Alt. Yes, these do work!
  • [Alt-A] Record a Movie (series of PNGs) (captures to RAM until you press alt-c (alt-a again leaks the RAM) again to dump the frames to disk)
  • [Alt-C] Screen Capture (saved in the directory with elaunch as FrameXXXXX.png)
On my Linux system, with game installed to ~/eClient, Movies and Screenshots are placed in ~/.egenesis/egyptc -Marquetarian
  • [Alt-D] Freeze Horizon (check it out) - more technically, "don't draw sky dome"
  • [Alt-F] Freeze Screen (T1), now just prints "model vertices:0" at the top left of the screen
  • [Alt-J] No Texturing (?) - Messes up some textures
  • [Alt-L] Lock/Unlock Camera Position
  • [Alt-N] Mouse Hack
  • [Alt-S] Turn (some) Models Off
  • [Scroll Lock] Refresh/Reload Game Information - try this if the client gets out of date/funky
  • [Alt-F7] Move active folder left new for T4
  • [Alt-F8] Move active folder right new for T4
  • [Alt-F9] Move active chat tab left
  • [Alt-F10] Move active chat tab right


Objects and buildings can be used with keystrokes instead of clicking on them. The keys are enclosed in square brackets (e.g. [G] for gathering wood from a tree).

To use hotkeys you must minimize the chat window by pressing Enter. Then position the mouse pointer over the object or building and press the key on the keyboard.


  • For Flax and Bricks you can toggle the hotkeys via Self -> Options -> One-click and related.
  • Via Self -> Options -> Chat-related you can toggle that minimized chat channels are still visible while using hotkeys so you can keep watching.

Chat Window Commands

Buddy List

  • /af <player name>
Adds a friend to your friends list
  • /rf <player name>
Removes a friend from your friends list
  • /privacy on/off
setting /privacy on will report your online status on the buddy list as privacy.
setting /privacy off will report your online status (default).
  • This is a new setting for T7. It is still under development and behavior may not be as expected.
    Status words may include: privacy, swimming, afk, nochat, nochatui', and other curiosities.


  • /password <old password> <new password> <new password again>
Change password
  • /webpass <site> <password>
Change your password for fansite <site>. Currently, the only valid site is atitd.org. The login data passed to ATITD.org is used to log into the Wiki, and the acro tool. the forums require seperate registration.

See Special:OpenIDLogin for details.


  • {time:xxxx}
will display the relative time for everyones set timezone for example, Inputter with timezone gmt+0000 types {time:2000} and sends to chat, what actually will display is <20:00> for people GMT+0000 and <21:00> for people in GMT+0100 and so on.
  • /tell <playername>
Sends one line of text to the player of your choice
  • /reply
Sends a tell to the last person to /tell you
  • /chat <playername>
Opens a chat window with the player of your choice
  • /message <playername>
Send a message to a player, that will appear in their calendar.
  • /info <playername>
Opens up the 'Info' box for that player
  • /info $$
When keyed in a current Chat Tab Window of a player, shows the 'Info' box for that player. The $$ keyword works with all commands requiring <playername>
  • /squelch <playername>
Allows you to ignore the conversation of other players (chats and Main, not guild chats) - notifies them you've squelched them
  • /unsquelch <playername>
Allows you to unignore a previously 'squelched' player. Displays name of player being removed from squelch list
  • /ignore <playername>
Same as /squelch
  • /unignore <playername>
Same as /unsquelch. Displays name of player being removed from squelch list
  • /silentignore <playername>
Same as /squelch, but doesn't notify
  • /squelchlist
Displays listing of players on your squelch list
  • /ignorelist
Displays listing of players on your squelch list
  • /unsquelchall
clears squelch list. Displays confirmation message the list has been cleared.
  • /unignoreall
same as /unsquelchall. Displays confirmation message the list has been cleared.
  • /me <emote>
Allows you to verbally emote (i.e. /me laughs would display the text 'Tchrin laughs')
  • ! <emote>
Same as /me
  • /copy
copies the contents of the current chat window to the clipboard. Does not work on main window.
  • /join <channel name>
To join the in game radio stations, such as Events. (See: Microphones)
  • /rotv
rotates vowels?
  • /rot13


  • /help
Displays an interactive list of commands.
  • /cmd
same as /help. Displays an interactive list of commands.
  • /ts
Toggles whether the time stamp is shown on chat buffers
  • /time
Displays the current ingame time in Main channel
  • /clock
Toggles the display of current in-game time in a floating window
Clock displays Egyptian Calendar and Time; fps and clock cannot be displayed simultaneously. Selecting one will turn off the other.
  • /clockloc
Toggles the display of current ingame time and position in a floating window
  • /afk
Toggles afk (Away From Keyboard) mode on and off.
  • /crowd
Checks the percentage crowding in the area you are in
  • /fps
Toggles Frames per Second view on and off *
  • /login <charactername> <password>
Logs you out of your current character and directly into the character you specify
  • /logout
Logs you out and returns you to the login screen
  • /quit
Quits the client