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Weight 1
Bulk 1


Bricks are blocks made of dried mud, sand, and straw. They are used in building many structures and buildings. Requires Brick Making 0 (Skill).



This is listed as Bricks, even with just 1 in the player's inventory.


Building Count Verified
Gazebo 1500 ?
Hackling Rake 36
Improved Hackling Rake 36
Ka Tomb 10000 ?
Laboratory 1291 ?
Library of Alexandria 1500 ?
Master's Forge 400 ?
Mine 300 ?
Modern Sheep Farm 2000
Pottery Wheel 48
Skill/Cooperage/0 200 ?
Skill/Kiln Construction/0 20 ?
Skill/Local Leadership/0 300
Skill/Structure Maintenance/4 300 ?
Skill/Structure Repair/4 200 ?
Student's Forge 48 ?
Technology/Chariot Repair/1 120 ?
Technology/Obelisk Construction/1 58 ?
Technology/Pyrolysis/2 100 ?
Wood Store 2000

Research and Tuition

Required By

Aqueduct Pump, Aqueduct Tower, Chancery, Chariot Repair, Compound, Cooperage, Crystal Obelisk, Deep Well Construction, Desert Obelisk, Diplomacy, Gazebo, Gazebo, Guilds, Hackling Rake, Hackling Rake, Improved Hackling Rake, Improved Hackling Rake, Ka Tomb, Ka Tomb, Kiln Construction, Laboratory, Library of Alexandria, Master's Casting Box, Master's Forge, Master's Forge, Megalopolis, Mine, Mine, Mining, Modern Sheep Farm, Modern Sheep Farm, Obelisk Construction, Planning Application, Pottery Wheel, Pottery Wheel, Pyrolysis, Skill/Cooperage/0, Skill/Kiln Construction/0, Skill/Local Leadership/0, Skill/Structure Maintenance/4, Skill/Structure Repair/4, Stable, Stone Quarry, Student's Casting Box, Student's Forge, Student's Forge, Technology/Chariot Repair/1, Technology/Obelisk Construction/1, Technology/Pyrolysis/2, Test of Ka... further results

Produced By

Brick Machine, Sturdy Brick Mould